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    • It’s very typical of a RR team. I’m a RR fan, for the most part, but this is inexcusable.  I wonder if breaking camp and moving back to CLT disrupted the rhythm? Either way, it was pitiful.  I couldn't care less that they lost, it’s the manner in which they lost that deeply concerns me. 
    • If anyone gives you poo because they (whites, I assume) do not think you should feel as you do, that in itself supports your statement.   Who the hell is a white man to tell a minority what should or should not offend them?  If you are white and decide what is appropriate for blacks and what is not--then you are demonstrating white privilege. If Ace feels there is white privilege, then listen to him and reflect--instead you give him poo.  You don't speak for me, aholes.  My opinion of Reid is a bit different because I look at it from the business side as well as the social justice side, but Ace is not making up how he feels--and it is not your call, brothers.
    • Democrats generally consider Biden's finest hour to be his debate performance against Paul Ryan in 2012.  Ryan is a little try-hard turd who wants to be thought of as an intellectual and policy wonk, and Biden easily shoved him around that night. Trump, on the other hand, doesn't give a fug about any of that.  Trump blurts out whatever flashes across his stimulant-addled sundowning brain no matter how wrong or outrageously stupid/nonsensical it is with the confidence of a man slapping a royal flush down on the table.  Biden can't counter it and would get sucked into the game.
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