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    • The league cares about the backlash, and well they should. After they got caught with their pants down with incidents like Ray Rice and Josh Brown, the NFL was (rightly) ripped by women's groups for basically turning a blind eye toward violence against women for the sake of protecting their players. That's part of the reason why the exempt list was invented. While the league still wants to be committed to due process and full investigations, they also want the option to keep guys with high profile and embarrassing accusations out of the spotlight. In the case of Antonio Brown, the league so far has said "we won't put him on the exempt list as long as nobody signs him." Could you take that as a veiled threat? Sure you could. If I were an owner, I probably would. And so in the meantime, they'll take their time and investigate. Worth noting here that the usual (and generally sickening) "gold digger" defense isn't going to work with regard to his second accuser. 
    • I think all of us would much rather have a completely healthy Cam over this guy, but we're making the best of what we got... 
    • Yeah, I'm sure EVERYBODY "including yourself" saw all these rape allegations coming out that NOBODY even knew about until he went to the Pats. Again, it was a low risk high reward after he got cut by the Raiders. There literally was a very public clause saying they don’t owe him anything if he acts up. And Brown can fight about it all he wants, he will have to win a dispute with the Patriots to see any of his signing bonuses (don't see it happening). And considering he has already received his two game checks, the Pats can hold the rest of that money while they fight about it. As for PR, the Pats got through deflate-gate just fine, I'm sure this is nothing to them. It was worth the gamble for a player as good as AB, it's just didn't work out this time.
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