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Panthers released Matt kalil

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4 minutes ago, Panthercougar68 said:

Matt...California has nice weather this time of year..go enjoy with all that money you made.


Not a bad gig lol.

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  1. I'm told this IS a June 1st designation.

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    This move saves about $5 million against the 2019 salary cap, and about $9 million in 2020, according to a league source.




    Max Henson Retweeted Carolina Panthers

    FYI: It's a post June 1 designation on Matt Kalil's release



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    • How can you look at the actual footage of this “stomp” or “step” on the flag and think this was some sort of disrespectful act against America? Her teammate dropped the flag beside her while they were all celebrating. The actual truth is you are looking for something that isn’t there because YOU have a bias. Because she is “foul-mouthed” for saying “I’m not going to the fuging White House.” So that’s two lies you’ve stated in this thread.  1. That she said “fug Donald trump” she didn’t, she said “im not going to the fuging White House” in response to an interviewer asking her a question and two 2. That she purposefully stomped on the flag. where are you getting your information from? or are you purposefully lying because you have biases against her and why do you have those? I can understand saying “I wish she didn’t cuss to get her message across” (she even said as much about herself) I mean that’s a weird hill to die on to not like someone but whatever dude (don’t watch all or nothing or you’ll hate the entire panthers organization)
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    • That is my general feeling. We need the stars to align for us to have that kind of season. I think we are generally fielding a good roster but our depth is extremely suspect. It will only take a handful of injuries before we likely see some glaring weaknesses.
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