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    • I definitely understand the go back to where you came from line as it relates systemic racism towards blacks that were brought over here on slave ships. Black people didn't ask for asylum...they did not flee their country to get here. They were brought over here against their will. Tortured. Abused. Separated from their families, and breeded. It is awful. I've heard racist hillbillies and Yankees say go back to Africa and that's awful and very racist in that context. I do believe this context is different. When there is someone (Omar) who seeks asylum in this country..and they've been afforded great opportunity...which she has. Then you would think there would be a little more appreciation for the country ( by country I dont mean white people)that allowed her and her family asylum. It allowed her family to escape a grim fate.  It doesnt mean she has no voice or cant voice her opinion to improve our system. But to systematically hate on the country that brought you in and gave you a future seems peculiar and ill-advised. See Omar can play this race card. The truth is....it wouldnt matter where the person came from. The same line in proper context would be said to a white South African man who said the same things. If anything people with non white ethnicities are protected politically from a lot of criticisms.  This group of congresswomen are using race as a cover and a shield. Weve seen this with Pelosi. If Pelosi was Hispanic and made her criticisms we would have not have heard AOC play the race card. Even her own party spoke out against that. I do have a problem when you cant criticize someone without being referred to as a racist. Equality is when were all criticized and rewarded in the same fashion. If you spent any real time with me you would see I'm very open minded. Open hearted. Non judgemental and caring. You will see me talk and care about anyone. I understand that a lot of people are trying get to the U.S to find a better life. As would I...if I was in a desperate position.  There are a lot of people who are heartless towards immigrants and only see them as a drain on the system. I am not one of them. However I do see the hypocrisy that Congress is operating by. There has been a lack of funding towards border patrol voted against by congress that has exacerbated some of the crowding issue. Also there is no fluid path to citizenship. Another congressional issue.  I do not get mad at Americans who are struggling themselves for being forced to subsidize others that dont carry their weight in taxes. I understand that frustration. Also I do not get mad or hate illegals for trying to find a better life. There needs to be a balance here that there isnt. There is no middle ground anymore as everything now in politics appears to be two extremes.        
    • So, you start a thread hoping to elicit some response from the critical thinkers on this board, who quickly debunk what Fox News told you to believe. And this is what you come back with- no facts, no evidence, no support. Instead, you opt for saying stupid sh!t because you can't argue policy, facts or reason. Well done, just like Trump himself. He'd be proud of you. 
    • I wanna live in a world where this is considered a "7"
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