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On 6/4/2019 at 11:41 AM, Cracka McNasty said:

If Tepper is meddling, he's more competent at meddling. 

Leadership is about giving people the right direction and the right tools to succeed and then getting the hell out of the way and let them do what you hired them for. 

In the short term it looks like Tepper is doing just that.  

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    • I’m going to the one in LA beginning of October. Pretty excited. 
    • Never heard it put that way, but that is what Paul did. After Jesus was killed by the Romans for insurrection, James and Peter were continuing the Jesus movement for the Jews living around Jerusalem at the time. Paul came along and said he'd like to bring non -Jews into the fold. James and Peter said 'go for it, but they need to convert to Judaism'. Eventually Paul realized the gentiles did not want to change their diet or get circumcised.  Further it became obvious that Jesus wasn't really coming back anytime soon.  So Paul came up with a solution. He told his followers they could eat what they wanted, did not need to cut their dick and if they just believed in Jesus, they could hang out with him and all their friends forever in heaven after they died. This was definitely better than the miserable lives they were leading in the first century AD. The Gentiles gobbled that ish up. This did not sit well with James/Peter and they began feuding with Paul. Eventually Paul's BS message of an afterlife became more appealing to the dumbasses living at this time - much more appealing than the Jewish requirements.  He was thus able to create his own "Jesus" with vague promises of an afterlife while bilking the poor. The bilking continues to this day.  Things may have turned out significantly different had Jesus been able to write his own memoirs.  Instead the books and letters selected for the new testament were written by Paul and his fans years later with Paul's ideas.  If you read the book of James that somehow snuck into the bible, you may have a small inkling of what Jesus thought. But the rest is pure Paul BS.
    • We must be watching different things. If Washington has full control of defense - we not making the playoffs. Guaranteed! 
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