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On 6/4/2019 at 11:41 AM, Cracka McNasty said:

If Tepper is meddling, he's more competent at meddling. 

Leadership is about giving people the right direction and the right tools to succeed and then getting the hell out of the way and let them do what you hired them for. 

In the short term it looks like Tepper is doing just that.  

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    • What else are we going to do at Qb for this upcoming season? If Cam gets hurt its the same as trading/releasing him, we suck get a high pick next year. Getting rid of Cam this year literally has 0 benefits for us. Keep Cam rebuild the trenches and this team remains competitive. Get rid of Cam and mortgage the future on a BUNCH of unknowns and uncertainties sounds like a recipie for disaster and the quickest way to turn this team into the Browns of the NFC.
    • Man.. it must be a lot of Cam lovers on here. I havent heard this much ignorance in one place in a very long time.  To the dude saying Tepper would go for broke because thats how heade his money.  Yes. he took risks. But they were calculated risks and selling the farm is not something he would see as calculated. It would be an emotional move. In the world of stocks we call thos FOMO. Fear of missing out.    To the cat saying Burrow cant throw sideline to sideline and only deep and intermediate routes..  2 things. You do realize that you score points by throwing forward and not sideways right? As well as how long has it been since we'ce had a qb that could drop absolute dimes deep down field? Ive got some ignorance for you. Cam goes to the Bengals with 2 first rds 2 2nd rds and a 3rd
    • Didn't buy THE ring. Didn't say the vows. Guy can do what he wants, and so could she. Not saying that marriage prevents getting some on the side, but at least there's a binding legal contract involved. And in the end, it's none of my business.
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