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Trump always tells you in advance...

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Trump’s campaign in 2020 will be more vague ideas and insults....and expected aid from Russia, Saudi Arabia, NK and Israel.  His “foreign policy” is essentially his re-election campaign for aid.  He will welcome inference that makes 2016 look comically small. 

and if that doesn’t put him over? Well he will just make up voter fraud, invalid election, deep state conspiracies.  Some mix.   Claim for the good of the country he can’t turn over power.....and Republicans will support that.  For the same reason they support everything else 

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11 hours ago, Harbingers said:

Usually when someone tells you they are about to go shoot someone else you report them to the police. 

But what if the police voted him in to power?

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12 hours ago, firefox1234 said:

Not really news, we already knew this....

Yeah, but he is now admitting to the things he has always denied....and that his followers have defended him on. 

Eventually Trumpers too will admit the reality.  

They will endorse any crime and act Trump does...he will ask them to defend it and they will

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6 hours ago, GWBNostrils said:

Adoption->No Collusion->So What->I’ll Do It Again

God damn that's depressingly accurate.

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rare that Trump gets someone legit interviewing him.  Hopefully George asked the obvious question of will he accept the loss if he loses.  Because Trump has already said he wouldn't.....as have his aides...and it gets no real attention.  Pelosi did finally bring it up but Dems need to get ahead of what he will pull (not that it will actually stop him).   Dems need to get the whole country aware and talking about the con Trump will pull before he pulls it. 

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Welcome to America in 2019, when the president says he would accept help from foreign powers/enemies if it helped his own selfish reasons.     His supporters don't care but will be the first to call Bernie a socialist/communist when their president is literally accepting help from an actual communist country.   

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    • Since most people forget, Moton spent much of the preseason weeks at LT and started there week 1. He looked great at LT against a very good Dallas DL and he also looked great in the week 3 (the one where starters play almost the entire game) preseason game against New England, another solid DL. That said, he looked just as good at RT when Williams went down the second time. Moton’s got the ability to ply both tackle spots, which is good and bad. Good because it helps us have depth because he can switch if a backup is better at one or the other. Bad because I worry that they’ll continually move him instead of letting him become a possible Pro-Bowl tackle. I think he’s got that potential.
    • Because it’s actually an accredited news organization? 
    • Perfectly sums up the conservative relationship with AOC. What the hell is a "look at me moron?" What you're basically saying is you can't stop looking at her, so you need to find it a derogatory thing so you can make it mesh with your tribalistic political ethos. You're basically Lisa Simpson:   The sooner you Pubs reconcile with your confused boner, the sooner you'll be able to grow up. Maybe then you'll stop worrying about who other people marry, what women do with their bodies, and what bathroom someone wants to use.
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