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What I would like to see after a very successful offseason

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On 6/19/2019 at 9:34 AM, musicman said:

is the negativity and pessimists to slow it down and ALL panthers fans to rally behind the team. Here's why;

We had a near perfect off-season with limited money and almost accomplished all our goals even with cap limitations, unlike some teams.

We improved in almost every area (yes on paper) except maybe FS, but we have to wait and see and we can't expect everything. Hurney and Rivera deserve a lot of credit for what they did this year.

If things falls right, with the lower expectations this team could and should sneak up on a lot of teams. Yes we have to stay healthy, new players have to learn a new system and guys on the lines have to gel. But if they do start to take shape then we have a team that will not only have a real good year but could go deep into the playoffs. 

The things Tepper and the new way the team is operating is going to bring more energy and excitement to games which needs the loyal fans to not sell their tickets to visiting fans, show up and be loud at the games. That's all that could be missing in a magical season.

I also think this team is being built to stay competitive for years and that's another reason to be positive. I may be a homer but I see more positives. There's always gonna be a question or a concern, but every team has them. Let's give it a chance and that starts where fans can make the biggest difference, at games, being loud and give us home field advantage at BofA stadium. Let's try and do what the Roaring Riot does, promote energy and excitement from the fans in support of the team. 

Unfortunately I think we had our magical season in 2015.  It doesnt get much better than that, and our fanbase was as hot as it can possibly be.  We need sustained success.  Only that will bring us where we want to be.

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