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    • To answer the OP.. No.  I feel certain enough of his fanboy base will follow him with the necessary mass conducive to successfully passing along the excuse-making techniques to the new fan base.  They won't need me.  Cam Newton should retire as the best NFL QB of all time.  I mean that with every fiber of my being.  He has every physical attribute, skill set, and talent one could hope for in his line of work.  If you were to build a cyborg QB in a lab, Cam Newton would step out of the smoke.  He should own every QB record and a handful of rings when he calls it quits.  But he won't.  To me its because what is or isn't between his ears.  Its mental.  It HAS to be, right?  More specifically the downfall as I diagnose it from arm's length is the inability to accurately discern what is important and effectively assign that hierarchy of importance in a manner that defines his approach to achieving all the accolades mentioned above.  Others might blame his teammates and coaches.. Meh.  Maybe to an extent, sure, but that CANNOT be the blame.  That argument could be made in any/every organization where he might have landed.  That argument is old and tired and the true greats affect change from within if necessary.  Some people are just TOO big for the game and cannot get out of their own way.  Its a shame.  Cam had "it" and we had Cam.  But in the end..  nothing but another big whiff IMHO.  The biggest whiff in Panther history when potential is considered.  This cannot be rectified in Charlotte.  I doubt it will be rectified anywhere.   I am looking forward to drafting Newman or Love.    
    • McDaniels has proven to be a backstabbing, classless egomaniac who thinks only of himself and was mediocre at best in Denver. There have to be better offensive options.
    • He's a conservative talking points See and Say.  Just pull the lever and it'll spit out some boilerplate from the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Maybe next time we'll get "what about black on black crime" or "what about Chicago"
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