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PJ Washington to Miss Summer League due to Foot Injury

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Un-f'g-real....the Bobnets have drafted a 6'7" guy who has a foot injury which has limited him since March, and continues to do so?


My mind is blown, just unreal.

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I would just like to tell y'all that said they played different positions that nope both are 4's in the modern NBA. Coach confirmed they'll play Bridges at the 4 and Washington at the 4 and 5. 

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This will be the most unlegendary season ever. 

I think we have the least talent on a squad that the NBA has seen in years.

Rozier-Monk-Batum-Williams-Zeller? Lol

Might as well run this season with Graham, Bacon, and PJ.

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I want to see Rozier, Monk, Bacon, Bridges, and Washington. Just let them develop and aim for a lottery pick. It’s the only way to break this terrible cycle they are in...

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I was an advocate of picking this guy

but how could our management not see that he was still injured?

a rookie that can’t practice is no good to us...unbelievable 

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