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Just Checking in on Funchess

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Funchess is not a terrible player, but I think we all see his potential to be a great WR. He was just very inconsistent. He'll probably end up on the Pats in a year and be fantastic. 

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    • Lol. No merit? You have a stat that in two years has Gano’s best year ever and conveniently ignores the year that made us draft a kicker. A stat that ignores the fact that Gano missed 4 games and is hurt yet again, 3rd time in 4 seasons. It ignores the fact that Gano’s best year ever was because Rivera only let him attempt 1 50 yard FG. Rivera has taken the ball out of his hands and you want to use a stat purely based on his attempts. How about all the punts when we were in FG range? Where’s that in the capture rate? If you also can’t get that Gano cost us $3.5m each year of Butker’s contract then there’s no point. Gano’s done nothing the past three years to merit the amount of faith people put in him around here. Keeping Butker would have been a better decision for our team. Whether you consider it to have merit or not makes not difference to those of us not blind to reality. Andy Reid has faith in his kicker, our coach does not in his.
    • his run style, foot quickness, and speed, all look like cmc. probably needs work in route running but this dude is by no means a cap clone
    • he kind of just did. buffalo's D ain't no joke. and he did it with a crappy OL as well. the guy is going to be great having on the field with and spelling CMC. he's got a lethal punch, he's fast, it looks like he's got good vision, and he's got much better hands than advertised and has potential as a decent route runner.  i'm on board having this guy on the team. gives us another good weapon on offense.
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