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Wed: Last day at Wofford camp tweets

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54 minutes ago, hepcat said:

Has Gano kicked at all this camp?

panthers had 2 kickers booting yesterday...thought 1 of them was gano

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1 hour ago, ncfan said:


stay down there until rock hill is ready?...this is kind of big news if credible

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1 hour ago, ncfan said:


GVR actually scares the piss out of me.  People dont and didnt mention him because the overshadowing issues at LT.  But GVR graded out as one of the worst starting interior OL lastbyear in the league.  Goes back to me wishing we just kept Moton and Williams at OT and drafted Risner at LG in the 2nd

Scary as hell I extremely optimistic about Daley GVR isn’t strong enough to start. I don’t know what he did at the combine as far as strength but so far I’d rather plug and play him over what I’ve seen last year getting bull rushed back like JV vs Varsity not this year we need that one extra second to connect deep to our camp mvp and become an explosive offense again.

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25 minutes ago, ncfan said:


Admittedly, I don't keep up with the kids are wearing these days, but is Cam wearing a sports bra?

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    • I am not convinced that Rivera is gone after this season. I am not a  Rivera supporter by no means but given the factors that have played a part this season (no Cam, new look defense, new guys, team jelling. Etc) I can honestly see Tepper giving Rivera a pass THIS SEASON and let next season being a "Make it or break it" year for Hurney and Rivera. That said, if the season ended today and Rivera was fired, I would say that Tepper's mindset will be someone younger and that has fire and tenancy. I could see a guy like Kris Richard (DC for the Cowboys, previously of the Seahawks) being a guy to really keep an eye on.  I know it isn't the route most will go because it is another defensive guy but  if Tepper really has that "Steeler" mentality, then he'll put defense before offense any day of the week. I will say this, I honestly believe he is building his own identity here in Carolina and yes, he may use some concepts from the Steelers Organization, I don't think he is trying to make this team the Carolina Steelers. That said, I could see him go bold and get a top guy like Riley (even though I really do not want college coaches, tbh.) Just my two cents
    • I wanna work for CRA. I'll do the absolute bare minimum, but I won't embezzle or intentionally sabotage anything so I guess I'll have perpetual job security because hey, you could always do worse.
    • If we're taking a QB in next year's draft, then Burrow has my vote. 6'4, 216. Plays for a P5 school, has been killing it this season and just destroyed that Alabama defense. 
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