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Cant Wait to hear him call some games

I remember Smitty talking about him on WFNZ here recently.  They asked him about his first interaction.  Smitty said when they put him in that game for the first time.  He was talking so fast no one understood him with that accent.  Smitty told stop, slow down so we can understand him.


Imagine some of these game winners cardiac cats style will be entertaining.  Imagine him calling that giants kick last year

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When I think about the most admirable, beloved Panthers in the team's 25 year history-the players that stole our hearts and became fan favorites-- there is a group among them that have one thing in common:

Sam Mills

Jake Delhomme

Brad Hoover

Steve Smith

Fred Lane

Josh Norman


I am sure that I am missing some--they were all over-achievers.  Too small, too slow, from a small school, etc.  Was on the fence about Norman, but the others represent the American dream---



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1 hour ago, bull123 said:

i know this is a broken record...but get rid of mick

Everyone wants to know what he’s going to say about Ron’s chest this week...

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