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Bryan Cox Jr. is in trouble

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2 hours ago, Peon Awesome said:

It's not my river to cry; me and Cox aren't acquainted. But unless you and he like to get high together, not sure how you can assume what his motives for marijuana use are. I was even careful in my post to say that there's a possibility he uses marijuana for the pain, but who the hell knows. Maybe he's been using it since he was 12 years old and just enjoys it. Maybe he'd never touched it before, but then he confided in someone at training camp that his aches and pains are getting worse and he doesn't think he'll make it another month and they told him marijuana works wonders and gave him the weed to try, which is why it was in his car in the first place. Point is, we don't know, so why don't you dial down the judgment a notch or two? But sure, it's a free country so no one's stopping you from sitting on your high horse if you prefer that.

Well you quoted me from a statement that said I don’t smoke weed.... so why would me and mr Cox some weed together? Again your circling around what happened... the guy had weed in his car while speeding.... when we grow up it’s called responsibility!!! I’m not on no high horse at all.. I don’t play for the nfl or anything like that.... but if you get caught, you gotta pay the consequence. You gotta hold certain people to higher standard, my opinion... but what do I know. I’m sitting on a high horse.

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