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Warren Sapp calls out Gerald McCoy

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Whatever Sapp thinks....I’m glad he is here in Carolina. He seems like a stand up, humble guy who really enjoys being on a vet team, where he is not the only known name on the D. With 54.5 sacks, 6 pro bowls, 1x all pro, do you feel that McCoy should be in the Bucs ring of honor? Do you agree/disagree with Sapp? 





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I think we're lucky to have McCoy. Sapp or anyone else can criticize what he said about the Bucs. I don't care as long as he's a plus for the Panthers. Call him a whiny jerk if you want, but he's got miles to go before he approaches the jerkhood that Sapp has attained with all of his screw ups. 

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19 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

He makes some good points 

Different eras, very different rosters. Not fair for Sapp to just throw championships in his face without context. When guys like Sapp and Brooks were playing, those Bucs rosters were stacked with generational talent. McCoy was one very talented player on some disappointing teams. Gerald McCoy wasn't in charge of drafting players or signing free agents.

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All Sapp had was a couple of HOFers and multiple PRO-Bowlers and a brand new scheme that the ENTIRE league copied years later.............

McCoy had Lavonte David, Kwon Alexander, and a bunch of dumbass coaches. 

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Warren Sapp looks like somebody's aunt name Betty that's on crack nowadays. All he did was motivate a pro bowler to ball out, to get a ring. So as a Panthers fan thank you Auntie.

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    • I've noticed throughout the years the many fairweather fans and the narcissistic ones as well. It's amazing how much negativity towards this team happens in most Others groups. From Facebook, to Twitter, to the Huddle. Opinions are great, analysis: even better, constant bitching about the best QB this team had ever seen or the best coach we've had is getting old. It's not wrong to be optimistic. It's still the offseason. Kickoff is in what? 15 days-ish? Let's just save all of that until we see the real team play.
    • Huddlers fail to realize that this team wouldn’t be half as good if they did not have Ron’s ample chest to motivate them.
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