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    • If they sign the current Cam to a new contract they’re delusional at best 
    • The pessimist view is that Cam is pretty far along in his career to be going through a development process.  The optimistic view is he is already well used to the NFL game, the speed, what to expect from NFL defenses, etc.  That learning curve is not small, and he has already absorbed it. Every running QB (vs. a classic pocket passer) has gone through this to one level or another.  Some make the transition, some don't.  The reason is you want a QB to last 10-15 years. RBs last a lot less.  It is not that they become uninspired, the reason is physical.  Cam (he and his body) is not an exception to this.  This may be especially true with his weight loss.  He can't play like a fullback and run over LBs with the same proficiency when he is 15 lbs. lighter or so. The prototypes for this are Steve Young, Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham, etc.  To one degree or another, they all made the transition from run first to run when it is time to run. But, the question is whether or brain trust has already beaten him up enough that it is simply not possible.  From what we are told and what I have seen, he is capable of doing it if the OL doesn't get him killed again.  But, he could be one injury away from proving me wrong. I have no idea what will happen, only the large number of possibilities of what could.  Put me in the "cautiously optimistic" category.
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