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    • Fair on Washington, but they allowed 126 to the Browns and Rams. Don't expect anything crazy to stop CMC.  In the past two games they have allowed the opposing team to run right down the field. They make an adjustment (not an extra man, usually an alignment or a different DT), and then its lights out for most of the rest of the game.   No, I'm not expecting that with CMC. I know him well. He played at Stanford just up the road. I can all but guarantee the Niners WILL NOT shut him down completely. Niners will rush 4, seldom blitz, and count on the rush to get there just as it has all season, and sit back with 7 in coverage. They'll bend but not break in the run game, or at least that'll be the plan. The Niners LBs (Alexander and Warner) have been excellent. I will say this...I've been on SEVERAL boards this year. Every single weak I read almost exactly word for word what I read here...."they haven't played anyone, this week will be different. They haven't seen XYZ". Vs Browns is was about Chubb, OBJ and Landry.  And then gameday comes and they are shocked. I'm not going to go so far as to predict that, especially with as many players out as they'll have, but I have seen this happen week after week this year. Ya'll could be right and the Niners get smacked around, but I think some might be underestimating them. Its all good tho. Should be fun. I'll be i the building.   
    • still drunk from last night i bet
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