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    • Indeed, the Bears are in a VERY tight spot with Trubisky who’s looking like a massive Trubust, especially with what they gave up to get him AND what was on the board when they picked. There was one pass that Bridgewater tried that I did NOT like and was one I was terrified he’d try in a close game that would result in a boneheaded turnover. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was about a 20 yard pass to the end zone that he tried to fit between two Bears defenders and I groaned when I saw where it was going thinking it was an easy pick but thankfully it was dropped. And I agree, Brees definitely would’ve carved up that defense. At least 4 sacks in each game or total in both games? And Khalil Mack definitely does have a supporting cast like y’all considering they were a top-5 defense before today. WERE. And LMAO, what?! Um no. Absolutely not, I would not rather Poe or McCoy next to Jordan. That’s just a straight up homer comment right there, LOLOL. Why would we need McCoy or Poe? We’re not trying to get AARP memberships. Our defense is giving up fewer points/game, fewer yards/game, lower 3rd down conversion %, and a lower 4th down conversion %.  And that’s without even getting into the contracts. Here’s what y’all are paying McCoy and Poe... McCoy (31 years old) - $7.9M Poe (29 years old) - $9.3M Now here’s what we’re paying our starting tackles... Rankins (25 years old) - $4.07M Brown (25 years old) - $2.5M Y’all MASSIVELY overpaid for Poe, so bad that y’all likely going to cut him in the off season if he doesn’t take a pay cut or restructure his deal because there’s no way in hell y’all pay a 30 year old NT $13.3M next year. McCoy isn’t even under contract for next year and even if he is re-signed, both of y’all starting DT’s will be on the wrong side of 30 and grossly overpaid due to their names alone. Meanwhile, Rankins will be on his 5th year option (and more than likely extended) while Brown enters the 2nd year of his 3-year deal he signed in March and combined they’ll be making SLIGHTLY over what y’all have just Poe counting for next year (~$13.7M combined, $7.7M for Rankins’ option and $6M for Brown).  Y’all better get drafting and replenish with some cheap talent. LMAO, are you seriously clinging onto that Week 17 game last year that we had zero interest in? We had the #1 seed locked up already and had NOTHING to gain from that game. Getting out of that game without any injuries in preparation for the playoffs was the ONLY thought our mind and we accomplished that. Enjoy your token win, I bet it looks real nice next to the other two morale wins we gave y’all in 2006 and 2009 when we sat and rested our starters then too. Hahahaha. 
    • Direct link to the video from the story where LaCanfora talks a little more about the decisions ahead... CBS Sports
    • Most recent speculation has had Newton returning after the 49ers game, and that's consistent with the timeframe most of us have been expecting. But apparently some think it might be a little longer, i.e. at least one more game, and maybe more still. For the record, I've always found Jason LaCanfora to be very hit or miss as a source, and a decent portion of this story is based on league speculation, but make your own judgment. CBS Sports: Newton could miss multiple games
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