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Playoff Games Thread

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2 hours ago, bull123 said:

They did get to the nfc championship game

Yeh but they did that a few times with McCarthy too,... 

now if they get there 2 out of 5 times and go to the Super Bowl... actually Mike did that. Therefore they have to do better to say it was the right move right?

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2 minutes ago, JARROD said:

Patrick Mahomes is great, there’s no disputing that. He’s the best quarterback in the league today. He also has a good team that makes great adjustments during the game on offense and defense. They shut down the Titans(of course with some help from the NFL aha key holding calls on the Titans but none on the Chiefs)

with that being said—

after what I just saw, I think they are screwed.

the 49ers are like the Titans on steroids—- they can pass better, and run better, just different. They do have the benefit of a world of high first round picks and talent.

they should totally dominate the chiefs on the lines, and Patrick will have to perform miracles to throw fast. He will and he will get a few more than Aaron Rodgers, but I just don’t see it being enough.

this is a game about muscle,.. and the 49ers just have a lot more of it.

history of the Superbowls favors the dominate run and defense team, and it helps that the 49ers are no slouches throwing the ball too.

the Chiefs are screwed.

I agree, seriously doubt KC can slow down that running game.  If they can get a lead and make SF pass it they can win but I just don't see it.

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17 minutes ago, GoPanthers123 said:

This confirms that you don’t need a QB if the rest of the team is elite.

They needed a good QB to get here. GB allowed them to run it all night so they did. 

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12 minutes ago, Tbe said:

They needed a good QB to get here. GB allowed them to run it all night so they did. 

There wasn’t an “allowed” to it. They were just annihilated by it.

This is like the Falcons a couple years back except the lines are much stronger and can impose their will. Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas are exactly what they should be from being picked that high.

i doubt the 28-3 would have happened with this defense. Green Bay did manage to score 20 in garbage time.

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50 minutes ago, Davidson Deac II said:

You are right about Mahomes, but the forty niners do have one advantage in that they are one of the best at getting pressure without blitzing.  

That DL is one of the nastiest ever. Was stacked already and then the JimmyG injury gifted them a player in Bosa they no way would have gotten otherwise.

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Yep all the packers players they talked to including AARON RODGERS were talking smack all week how this game was going to be different an dhow all the pressure was on the 49ers and got whooped by them yet again hahahahaha!

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I can only imagine how salty Falcon fans are with Shanahan running the ball for the win. If only he ran it just a handful more times in 2016 they might’ve had a Super Bowl win lmao. 

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    • He also took 3 CBs that same draft with Butler. Butler was a bad pick (or a coaching issue since he appeared to have some talent last year), but was unfortunately insurance for Star/Short. Star did leave but Short re-signed. Short and Star were obvious picks kind of like Brown for us this year. Our DTs were abysmal then just like they are right now. Gettleman’s drafted a lot of things, but anyone saying Brown makes sense for the Giants isn’t looking at their needs. Okudah and Simmons fit BPA and need for them.
    • Some great DTs outside of the first. KK used to be one of them.  The answer is none on Suh. And he still needed good players around him to really show his all. Brown should be that good but I just think we can pick up 2 DTs later in the draft and be great while focusing somewhere more premium with the 7th. I haven't seen anybody comparing Brown to Donald but to Suh and that's interesting. Hell if he was a Wilfork clone I would be down. Suh? Overpriced and overhyped when compared to Donald. 
    • Purely because G-man has a thing about athletic hog-mollies.  Two, if Brown is BPA on their board when they pick do they skip him to take an OT they have graded lower?  I doubt the Giants take Brown, BUT I won't feel any easier until they actually draft someone else.  Remember, he drafted Bulter when we already had Star and KK.
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