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You Play to Win the Game

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The “rebuilding” idea or ”longterm vision” is a myth in professional Football. Sure their are one off situations like the 2019 49ers but for every situation like that their are 2 examples of teams that are perpetually in a rebuilding mode like the Lions and the Jets. 

Football is about playing to win every season and every game, right? It’s rare the Patriots or even the Seahawks are not competitive every year and every game, right? Also to a lesser extent Green Bay and Minnesota are always competitive. With free agents like Brady, Rivers, Cooper and Dax out there any team has a chance at winning. 

So, I guess my contribution to our message board is that I am not buying the myth of “ it will get worse before it gets better” or that we are
 rebuilding. It’s a myth and we should play and build to win every game every season no matter the situation. In the nfl winning cultures win. 

We have Cam for three years if we want him, let's go win games and see how the cards fall. Who would have thought the 2015 season would have happened? You have to take a shot to make a shot. 

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