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Difficulties adopting a dog from shelters

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Good read:


Begin rant:

I am looking for an older dog for my 6 year old to have a friend he is very friendly and fixed. I own a house. I have .25 acres fenced in with a 6ft fence. I can financial support a dog. I live with my girlfriend in a 2000 sq foot house. I’m active. I’ve owned 3 dogs in my 35 years of existence, a mutt lab who I put down at 16, a German Shepard/pit who got cancer and put down at age 13. And my Husky who is 6, very experienced with all and difficult breeds.

Oh and I am a professional dog trainer and have trained dogs the basics to aggression to protection of land and humans to learning German commands to avoid false triggers. Oh I I’m also a licensed dog groomer. And I spent 10 years working in daycare and boarding, and for half of those 10 years I was a volunteer at York county humane society. I’ve fostered/rehabilitate numerous dogs so they could be adopted. I’ve always been an advocate of keeping your dog healthy and happy for life no matter what. New babies, allergies, where I live will not affect my responsibility. Tons of references.

I have tried to a adopt 2 dogs one 8 and one 10 and have been denied twice. That’s if someone even gets back to me. This is insane. Was denied the first time because no one would come to my house. It was practically a full time job calling and begging someone to come to my house and OK it only to be told they could not get anyone out there...so how does that work exactly? Dog never gets adopted?

Was denied a second time get this...because no one is home all day, that’s a requirement! I work 4-5 days a week for 7-9 hours...I leave my back door open and air on (even though I’m high altitude in mountains) dogs go in and out as they please once they’re comfortable and trained. Never in a kennel except to train. I was told someone must be home at all times by a kill shelter killing animals every week. How in the hell does this make any sense. Two different shelters!

I’m so discouraged. I thought I’d be a prime candidate and they’d be thankful for a responsible, easy owner. As the last link I posted pointed out they’re influencing people to BUY a dog. Unreal. I refuse. And I want an older one who needs a forever home. I’m being forced to look at local postings and craigslist which is a nightmare. No one even replies or follows through, or and answer questions let alone not want $1k for some selfish reason despite explaining my situation and how happy the dog would be.


I offered $500 for a dog that needed a home he wanted $1000, told him I’d send him a receipt for 1k in dog stuff, medications, pet insurance, check ups, was going to fix the dog whatever I’d get it to 1k AND give him $500 and he sells it to some guy going to breed the poo out of it for...$500! But he lived closer so it was convenient.

I don’t get it...trying really hard not to just give up I know there’s a sweet souls out there needs saving. I’ve searched everywhere. It’s like begging people to meet and return my calls.

I’m now looking out of state but I’m scared to pay for it to go on a plane but feel I have no choice. Anyone have experience with that?

Sorry just had to vent.




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Are you in Charlotte?  Humane society is great.  Got my dog from there, my wife got one of hers from there.  I think it's best to go and look at dogs in person verses saying I want x breed of dog. If you can get to charlotte humane society  I'm sure they'd let you bring your husky to make sure they are a good fit. We got the perfect 3rd dog but didn't fit a "plan" he plays well with our older dog who doesn't really know how (she was adopted at 6) and he wrestles all day with our blue heeler and has helped her lose weight. Resues may have their issues but there are a lot of great ones.  We like big hearts big barks as well. 

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With the sudden and overwhelming surge in pet adoptions during the pandemic, a lot of organizations are very concerned that many of these animals will end up back in a shelter or a bad situation once life returns to "normal" (whatever that may be). Unfortunately, the byproduct of this concern is an overabundance of caution on the part of adoption and rescue agencies. Right now the demand far outweighs the supply and this allows the agencies to get very picky.

Don't take it personally. And I'd also go look at your local city and county animal control facilities. They, by law, cannot adopt out any animals with diagnosed health issues or observed behavioral issues. Most often, without a local rescue or adoption agency, most older dogs end up there because the voluntary surrender process is far less complicated, whereas agencies usually interview those surrendering the animal to get as much background as possible.  

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