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Maybe this sleeper CB from Ole Miss...

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Nice read, thanks for a football thread. 

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3 hours ago, Popsickle said:

Nice read, thanks for a football thread. 



I think we should look into these players we signed and know little about---thanks--

I saw this guy interviewed and you have to like him.  He is an athlete---not invited to the combine--the kind of player that Rhule scoops up and wins with ---pulling for him.

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14 hours ago, MHS831 said:


This guy started every game at Ole Miss for 4 years--has incredible strength and measureables, ran a 4.52 etc. One of The Golden Calf of Bristol's "Freak of the Week" players. 

Called a "Swiss Army Knife" (common theme this season).   Can play CB and S.   I think he could make the PS, but there is room on the roster for him at CB if he balls out.  (CB--Jackson, Apple, Pride are locks, but Cole and Corn are not scaring folks.  I like Thomas Oliver III as well.  He has a shot.  Heard it here first.


My brother-in-law is a chiropractor in Columbus, OH where he has season tickets and knows more about OSU football than anything else.  He said this about Apple:  A lot of his issues were playing in NY.  He had high expectations but was a bit immature--a good kid.  His mom was some sort of talk show celebrity or something, and she lashed out at his critics. So they had two Eli's with head issues, I suppose. He said it was tough to be Apple in the Big Apple--fans were brutal.  He had to leave.  Not sure he recovered, and another high pressure situation was not helpful.  In Carolina, he will get a chance to have a chance-that could be a good thing for him.

So I asked him about Brandon Bowen, OT/G from Ohio State--undrafted rookie free agent.  Immediately he talked about the injury, so he is a mystery.  Never a liability and he gives you 100%--if he had not been injured, he would have been drafted. He said that he is not going to impress you at any one thing, but he has no glaring weaknesses.  He said that he is a good potential NFL backup who could make a roster and compete for a job. 

That is all that I have.  Just thought something new--not exciting---new---would help.

Well we did well with Norwell and he became a beast for us.  Bowen would be awesome if lightning struck twice.

The key to any offseason is how you build your depth. Free Agency you are adding starters and depth, The draft you should have starters in round 1 and 2 with 3 and 4 potential starters and 5 thru 7 backups.  The UDFAs should be hungry athletic players  Hartsfield is an athlete and is what Rhule is using to fill the depth on this team.  If he can make the team or PS.  He might have a chance to stick around.  Maybe Slot Corner.

They guy is a beast.  Wow 540

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On 6/8/2020 at 3:40 PM, TheSpecialJuan said:

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    • Teddy was good in college, so much so that I remember a few Huddlers mentioning "tanking for Teddy" the season before he came out. And, it's not like his winning ways haven't translated to the NFL, regardless of whether someone believes he only did it because he had a good team surrounding him. At some point, one really has to concede that you're not going to take a trash team to the playoffs, regardless of who you are. Unlike Trent Dilfer who simply didn't have to do much, Bridgewater actually had to win a few games. His defenses were very good, but they weren't historical. But, I can understand why you'd think of Teddy as a game manager. That's not necessarily a bad thing in all cases. We almost one a Super Bowl with a glorified game manager (and Delhomme was one in my opinion), but this brings me to the next point, which is sometimes that has a lot to do with the HC's and OC's philosophy as well.  I have questions about Teddy, believe me. But I have less questions about his ability to get some wins than whether or not his decidedly small frame can hold up to the rigors of the NFL. I mean, he really had a catastrophic injury. If he hadn't his career just might be on full showcase as opposed to a reclamation project. I'm not going to count it against him because he played on decent defensive teams, including one as a rookie, but then got hurt in the third year when many QBs show marked improvement and start putting it all together. If anything, he didn't have to be as proficient or efficient as he was, particularly in his sophomore season, considering the relatively little experience that he had. The other two seasons were pretty much throwaways where he didn't get any credible playing time and rehabbing both physically and mentally, and people not really believing that he could resume any semblance of success (which probably had to do moreso with his injury than anything else). Bottom line: He took the reigns and stayed the course for one of the best in NFL history. So, yeah, I'm not sure he can get us to where we want to ultimately go, but if he stays healthy, I wouldn't bet against him. His career is the epitome of disjointed, but injuries do that to even the Cam Newtons and Andrew Lucks of the league who had considerably more time at the helm.  This year (or next) will tell us a lot.  
    • The thought is that the upper end QB's in this upcoming class are "safer" bets. Even after Lawrence and Fields it does actually look like a strong QB class, depending on who declares.
    • Not sure if you mean Trubisky, Darnell, Mayfield or Murray here?  Point being even if we manage a tanking, it is a coin flip at best. 
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