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Week 5 Panthers Metrics/Ratings

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Top 3 Highest Graded PFF

Mike Davis: 83.1

Brian Burns: 81.5 

Taylor Moton: 81.1

Top 3 Highest Ranked PFF

Alex Armah: 2nd

Mike Davis: 3rd

Brian Burns: 5th

Top 3 Biggest Risers in Grade

Matt Paradis: +9.8

Brian Burns: +7.8

Pharoh Cooper: +7.4

Top 3 Biggest Fallers in Grade

Tre Boston: -10.7

Derrick Brown: -10

Adarius Taylor: -9.3

Football Outsiders Spotlights - Team Efficiency Rankings

Defensive Passing DVOA: +12

Defensive Rushing DVOA: -4

Football Outsiders Spotlights - Offensive/Defensive Line Rankings

Offensive Line - 2nd Level Yards: +10

Offensive Line - Open Field Yards: -5

Defensive Line - Power Success: -5

Football Outsiders Spotlights - Individual Player Rankings

DJ Moore DYAR: +18

Teddy Bridgewater DVOA: -4


NFL Next Gen Stats Breakdown

Teddy Bridgewater

8.5% Aggressiveness percentage(Second least aggressive QB in the NFL)

+3.5 Expected Completion Percentage (12th)

Christian McCaffrey

4.13 Efficiency(12th)

14.63% 8+D%[Percentage of plays with 8+ defenders in the box] (22nd)

2.81s Average Time Behind the Line of Scrimmage (20th)

-0.17 Yards Over Expected Avg./Attempt (34th)

43.9% Rush Over Expected Percentage (13th)

Mike Davis

3.61 Efficiency (29th)

30.43% 8+D%[Percentage of plays with 8+ defenders in the box] (4th)

2.99s Average Time Behind the Line of Scrimmage (39th)

+1.17 Yards Over Expected Avg./Attempt (6th)

41.3% Rush Over Expected Percentage (17th)

Robby Anderson

6.4 yds Average Cushion(33rd)

3.3 yds Average Separation(25th)

78.26% Catch Percentage(18th)

1.1 Average YAC Above Expected (23rd)

DJ Moore

6.2 yds Average Cushion(47th)

2.3 yds Average Separation(101st)

59.46% Catch Percentage(83rd)

1.9 Average YAC Above Expected (8th)

Curtis Samuel

7.6 yds Average Cushion(3rd)

2.9 yds Average Separation(54th)

82.61% Catch Percentage(7th)

0.3 Average YAC Above Expected (58th)

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Team Pass Rush Win Rate

8. Carolina Panthers, 48%

Team Run Stop Win Rate

17. Carolina Panthers, 30%

Team Pass Block Win Rate

24. Carolina Panthers, 53%

Team Run Block Win Rate

20. Carolina Panthers, 69%



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damn our youngins are doing pretty great.  thanks for posting all that

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