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Draft Needs

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speed kills and jacoby ford a 4.28 also a 1.5 burst 0to10 yards, man, would that not help smitty?

i have watched jacoby for 4 hears, seems like you all love the gamecocks at sc, they never win anything, but we need a wide out and a returner, but stuped fox and ever dumb and dumber, hurney will pick some idiot from the west or mid west

when will the panthers ever look at clemson?

game cock fighting is still illegal as far as i know, yet south carolina has a university named after a crime.:rofl::rofl:

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If the Panthers are looking for a quality DT, I think waiting until after this year's draft and then using the 2011 2nd rounder (maybe 1st if they have to) to trade for Dorsey would make a lot of sense. 2011 is suppose to be a horrible draft class anyways. The fact of the matter is that no one they draft in the 2nd or 3rd is going to start at DT over Tyler and Lenoard.

As for 2010 starters, Anderson or Conner will start at SLB and I think Jarrett will start at WR2. Agian it all goes back to drafting guys in the 2nd or 3rd round, they usually don't start their first year, especially at WR. They could find a steal at LB that could start in the 2nd but from the rankings I've seen I don't see who that might be.

At this point all of the starter are either going to come from players already on the team or guys they aquire via FA or trade. The draft will be for backups / future development. I really think Rahem Brock will be signed at some point for DE and like I said earlier Dorsey I think could be a real possibility after the draft. Same could be said for QB depth as well. Thigpen or Quinn could be had via trade for a 3rd or 4th round pick in 2011 or if not they will sign a FA like McCown.

I'm saying this from a standpoint of being a realist, not what I want to see happen. With that said, Hurney, Fox and Richardson have showed with all of the cuts that what was true in the past might not be true now.

The needs on this team come the draft, IMO, will be WR, DL, LB, DB. No order, just BPA among those positions.

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I'll pass on the weak-armed pansy QB. Kthnx.

I never mentioned Bradford.

I been looking at WR and I really like Carlton Mitchell, Mardy Gilyard, Damian Williams, Golden Tate and Jordan Shipley as WR that could be around in the second.

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