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Mike Williams Is Prepared To Have A Field Day

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That's why Gerald McCoy makes more of an impact then your whole front 4 combined.

The fact that our front four ate up enough blocks to allow Dan Connor to shoot the gap on a delayed blitz for at least a sack means they were more effective than 1. Tampa Bay's entire line 2. One rookie on said line. I know that sacks aren't everything but I'm trying to bring this down to a level that you can comprehend between mouthfuls of Lucky Charms and SpongeBob on this glorious Sunday morning (jk SpongeBob and Lucky Charms both own)

Your best player is Jon Beason and I don't think he will be covering Mike Williams and Kellen Winslow at the same time.'

Kellen Winslow does a good enough job taking himself out of the game thanks. And what does a Seahawks WR have to do with this?

Josh Freeman with a broken thumb still plays better then Matt Moore.

Tampa Bay loses by 20+ if they play the Giants @ NY. Perhaps you should wait until you're dished up something other than possibly the worst team in the league at home before you offer your priceless analysis.

Your safties might as well be track stars from Ethopia because they don't even know which side of the LOS they should be on.

What the hell does this even mean dippoo. Oh yeah well your running backs might as well be squash players from India because they don't even know where cutback lanes are am I right.

Tanard Jackson and Sean Jones are real men, ask Steve Smith who Tanard Jackson is.

Steve Smith is an NFL player and even if he wasn't, he would probably still have access to a computer in some shape or form and thus, access to NFL.com. So yeah, I assume he knows who Tanard Jackson is.

I didn't know Tanard Jackson meets a virgin every time he plays against Steve Smith becuase he smashs him up pretty damn good.

Nonsensical mindfug burn #2 sighted. Get that guy who was talking about our "cheddar cheese secondary" back in here because he's Ron Jaworski compared to you.

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