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Who do you want for the Panthers Next Head Coach?

Who do you want to coach the Panthers next season?  

176 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you want to coach the Panthers next season?

    • Bill Cowher
    • Jim Harbaugh
    • Jon Gruden
    • Charlie Weis
    • Other...

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so many candidates... What would be a good 5 list... I'm thinking:

-Bill Cowher

-Jim Harbaugh

-Jon Gruden

-Leslie Frazier


Who absolutely needs to be added to this poll?

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Lets put ourselves in JR's shoes. He just lost his sons at work. He is used to a lot of cash and being successful. He knows what it takes to win a super bowl, he is facing a very, very expensive lockout where he could possibly go into debt at a very old age, and there is no telling how long he gots, bless his soul.

So, you see that Gruden has won a super bowl, you meet him in person on many occasions prior to your coaching vacancy in the way of CAR vs TB game pre-post-game, you're going to have to interview a bunch of coaches around the league anyways, why not make him one of them? Don't forget you're old you hate that you really hate to do this coach seeking process and you know there is a high chance something could go wrong. You see Meeks is great at the TAMPA-2 and could possibly provide consistency and provide for a little softer 2nd rebuilding year. You know that Gruden has had exposure to your club, to your QB, to even some of your players. You know he carries around him a high degree of publicity thanks to his recent role as color commentator on MNF which will sell some extra tickets.

You know he is an offensive mind for a very non-offensive team, you know you don't actually have many holes on your squad just raw talent. This is a Super Bowl winning coach with alot of familiarity to you AND your team that has beaten them just as much as they had beaten him. You see a better chance with this coach than the other unprovens and the greater financial burden of a name like Cowher who is sought after for services with very high demand and Gruden with next to none. You go with your gut and the worst case scenario? You're finding some great young new coaching blood talent in 3 years max after Hurney just selected 3 grade A 1st round draft picks. A.J. Green, Kyle Rudolph if he waits til senior year, Some great Defensive Tackle or DB which ever is in greater need.

I dunno guys, i just see Gruden having too many plus': Inexpensive, Charisma in Interviews, Familiarity, Super Bowl win just like Cowher, couches best under the already established Tampa-2.

I just keep seeing him in a freakin' panthers polo walking the field come summer time everytime I close my eyes thinking about our next coach.

Please don't think I'm a Gruden homer/jock sniffer/alter boy, i want Jim Harbaurh more than anything, I'm just putting my self in JR's shoes for a quick second.

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Harbaugh if the focus is offense.

Frazier if the focus is defense.

Would not mind Gruden as well.

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I'd like to re-run this poll with 10 inputs... Anyone want to add to the list?

1. Bill Cowher

2. Jim Harbaugh

3. Charlie Wise

4. Leslie Frazier

5. Jon Gruden

6. Jeff Fisher

7. Dennis Green


Lets put the top 10 together an re-run this...

how about no.

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