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Funny prank I thought of

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When someone tells something to my four year old daughter in that "Im sorry honey" voice and it is something that none of us could get a poo less about like:

"Mr Jones and I are separated" or "Carly's hampster died"

I just think it would be totally hillarious to give her a signal for the go-ahead to throw an ABSOLUTE fit.

Kicking, scream, yelling, getting on her knees and throwing her arms in the air and saying "WHY????"

And it might keep her from having a real meltdown one day after throwing so many fakes ones.

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I would just prompt her to say something very mature, like, "It's quite alright madame, as my hamster was getting a bit long in the tooth. We had a splendid few years together, and it was a pleasure to share that time with him. They say time heals all wounds, and I feel confident that will be the case with my situation."

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