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CatMan's 10/21 practice observations

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only thing we have to remember is it isn't just about Moore/Clausen throwing the ball in practice......

outside of Smitty...you have garbage WRs up against some solid CBs. I mean, LaFell working against Marshall doesn't mean a pass should be completed. Gettis vs. Gamble etc. QBs could put the ball where it is suppose to be and the WR doesn't get there...or the WR might not be getting open. I mean, i have even watched Captain blanket Fitzgerald from the moment the ball was snaped until the play was over.....The DBs imo are signifcantly better than the WRs not named Smitty.

True, but from my vantage point Moore (and Clausen) were just missing guys... balls sailing over their head, etc.

In that 1 on 1 drill at a certain point the QB has to throw the ball, so some of the high throws may have been the best throw they could make to a WR that could not get open, but Smitty was involved in those drills and they struggled throwing the ball to him as well.

In the 11 on 11 drills, I did see both Moore and Clausen connect with Smitty on a few throws.

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