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Facts About Marijuana

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1st point) that's fine.. in 2012, there's reason to believe they will.. 45% was an astonishing number. they now have 2 years to work on the other 6%, we'll see how that goes.. plenty of other states plan to vote for marijuana for medicinal use. it's going to be a process, but one that will eventually hit most states..

2nd point) it was a simple statement.. you can say it was a "moot" point, but not really.. that simple statement is, the Nazi's did nothing against their law. I can compare it to our modern laws, because the simple point is just because something is against the law or even legal doesn't make it right or justified. I am also simply raising a valid point by saying law makers and law enforcers are not to be viewed as all-knowing. there are a lot of idiots running this country.. lol

3rd point) ignore "your country" comment.. I was just talking poo mostly, but the points do exist.. I am from the USA.. I wasn't saying you agreed with kickbacks and yes, they are very much illegal. you said the government is going to need something in return to make it legal. I'm saying taxes will be in the millions, and the insane amount of money being spent to fight against marijuana can be put to an actual purpose that benefits the people. and if you were going to say that wasn't enough, I wanted to make an exaggerated point that if the government needs kick backs in order to do the right thing, and majority votes mean nothing, then it's time for a revolution. Egypt-style. ;)

I really liked your comments.

2) I now understand which way you was going with your comment. I agree that just b/c someone is in-charge or is elected does not mean the know what they are doing. :)

3) I think the use of medical marijuana should be allowed every where. (not for every reason like sore thumbs, but for real reasons). I do not think Marijuana should be a schedule I narcotic, but it is right now. I do think the other schedule I narcotics should remain.

I think you and I do agree on a few issues. For example I think if Marijuana was dispensed out in a controlled situation (Like ABC stores) it would take some of the criminal elements from using it to cause harm to people plus deprive them of a income source. If we can get it out of those peoples control it would help. The sad thing is most of the "big" suppliers of marijuana also run smuggling operations that include other narcotics, human, money and weapons smuggling. One of the worst is the Human smuggling. I have seen this first hand and the things these smugglers do to these people is unbelievable. Women (kids too) forced into sex slaves and then discarded (killed) as if they were trash after the smugglers are done using them. I know this does not seem to be about marijuana but it does finance these actions. I think we all can agree if the legalization of marijuana can help place pressure on these organizations in limiting their other criminal activities then that would be worth more than tax money gained.


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