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    • I think it will take a 3 year deal to entice him. But if you can keep the signing bonus to lets say 10 million and guarantee year 1 salary of 4 million he gets his 14 million out of the gate and we guaranteed all of it. If we guarantee his second year salary of 7 million we are guaranteeing 21 million of his 30 million which is a ton but honestly he has shown to be consistent and productive. With KK and Poe with him they would be productive.  Year three is still a manageable 9 million although his cap would be 12.  Three years from now that will be a huge bargain.  
    • Yeah it sounds like we could afford him. The thing that makes me wary of a deal is that we could go one of two ways: 1. Sign a 1 year deal for $11-12 million with no long term risk if his age catches up to him or he starts wearing down from his injuries. This only makes sense if we think we are a DT away from super bowl contention this year because then we lose him next year and still don't have a succession plan after we invariably cut Poe and get rid of Butler. 2. We give him a 3 year, 30 million deal, but then if he starts showing his age or perhaps isn't as effective in our system, we're saddled with a decent sized contract for at least a couple years. Now suddenly we're paying 3 defensive tackles way more than they're worth while having holes to fill elsewhere in the roster. I was hoping he was looking at something in the 7-8 million range, in which case I'd say go for it. Once $11 million was leaked as the going price, I'm thinking we should bow out of this one and go for a more affordable option like Bailey if we still think we need to shore up the position. 
    • There has been a bill in the Congress of the USA for decades asking for reparations. YC or AM didn't invent the idea. What I find funny is that only Democrats are being asked to take positions on Reparations. How many Republicans sponsored that bill? ZERO. And no, none of them is asked a single question about it. The reparations issue is not a presidential issue (alone). Before the bill even make it to the desk of any president, it needs to go through the normal process in Congress, which will require 100 sponsors to make it to the floor. But strangely, none of the people running for office, who will be discussing this are even asked about it. And you want to tell me ... this is NOT about re-electing a Russian Agent? I really hope you actually understand how politics works in the USA.
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