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Frank Kearse?

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Although I am far from being ooooowed by our D-line. I am willing to say. If competition breeds success, we should see an improved line over last year.

That said, the LB corp is still a little lacking. Even with the addition of Keuchly. I am not sure how that will impact what Rivera wants to do. But, the D, overall, should be improved over last year. Which along with improved ST play, should give us the impetus for a strong playoff run.

My Zod, I get giddy just thinking about next year. And GOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Being thrown into the fire as a third round pick, applicable to both McClain and Fua, is a tall task for anyone at any position. I don't believe people realize how complex the positions on the defensive line are to master and thereby diminish players for not being successful right away. Charles Johnson, our best lineman, was questionable at best coming out. Greg Hardy was inconsistent and lost at times before putting in a fairly solid year last season.

I'm not sure anybody could reasonably expect for what we saw last season to be the best that all these players get. The players with the highest physical ceiling and that work the hardest will be the best players from this group.

I don't think we should annoint anybody our future savior at the position until we see how much they have improved, or regressed, at the start of next season. The position is the most wide open on the team right now. It's great to have a hand full of options to choose from, but do not sleep on Fua in particular. I think he has the skills required to take the position.

Kearse was a rookie last year too and he looked way better than Fua or McClain ever did the 2-3 games he started. I hope he makes the team, I think we keep 5 DTs, Edwards, Fua and McClain all have spots locked up so Neblett, Kearse and Shirley will be fighting for the last 2. I would think Kearse and Neblett win the spots but we'll see. I like Kearse a lot though.

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