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We should all take some lessons from the youth...

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It wasn't even half-time yesterday before I started to have my doubts. My mood drastically changed. My son, sitting beside of me, looked up to me and said, "Don't get sad. We might lose today but they play again next week." Those words calmed me and we made it through the rest of the game.

Afterwards, on our way to Bojangles for some chicken Panthers talk on the radio, my son looks at me and said, "We beat them up last year. They were just mad and wanted to beat us up today. We didn't want to win as much as they did." If only we all could view our team through the eyes of a 4-year-old.

I have never swayed my loyalties from my team since that first game in franchise history my parents took me to. But I get so caught up in the day of one game, I don't think about the other 16 weeks of the season. My 4 year old corrected my course.

It was one game. And yes we looked worse than any of us thought. But as my kid put it, once you get beat up, you want to go out and beat someone else up. That's what our opponents get to look forward to in weeks to come.

I'm sticking with my 10-6 prediction. And I'm proud to do so. Everyone who has lost their poo over a single loss, clearly needs to stop and check their fan cards, I believe they may expire soon. But for us "life-time" members, we know things could be worse (1998, 2001, 2010).

If you expect this team to win for you every week of every season, maybe you should think about what the team expects from you... Unbreakable Loyalty!

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I sat through 2010 I can watch this season lol....always hopeful but these next few games are rough

They seem pretty bad. But look at it this way. All 3 teams we face next see us like we saw the Bucs. So it could easily go the same way (This time in our favor). Cam and Co. will be out for blood next week, make my words.

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