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I chose

Delhomme, Kasay, Richardson and Smith.

Obviously Peppers was an amazing athlete but I feel now that (considering he's still active) he is considered a Bear, and if he were to have two more good years with the Bears he may even consider himself as such more so than a Panther. Honestly this could be hate in me, but I can never forgive him for stating "I won't do anything that will cripple the Panthers organization"...and then leaving. I've never heard an athlete make a claim like that only to leave. I wasn't at the negotiation tables however so who am I to say what really happened.

Delhomme-Fan favorite, consumate professional and put up a few good years. I feel though lacking elite status he is the epitome of what you want the Panthers to be. (minus his last year and playoff game)

Kasay- You all can make the argument that he's a kicker but he's the longest tenured Panther, great player great guy (See Delhomme)

Smith-Obvious. (though character would cause concerns; yet he is very active in the community and such)

Richardson- Simply thankful for him bringing football to the Carolinas!

Right I mean if the bears go on to having moderate success in the next year or two I think peppers will retire a bear I mean even if he retired today I feel like he'd still be leaning towarda retiring a bear he doesnt deserve to be on this list and its bullshit that he is

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