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    • You see, reparations covers all our history and present day struggle, not just slavery.  And, slavery wasn't that long ago.  You had share cropping and convict leasing that went on well into the 1940s, which were another form of slavery.  Each generation, we were made into slaves, and thus ADOS are the bottom caste of American society.  There are a bunch of people who wish to see us at the bottom.  Those people are of course racists.  Then you have people who don't understand the predicament black Americans are in as a group.  Honestly, I don't know the percentages of society that is racist and the percentages that are ignorant.     You mis-characterized a lot of what Yvette talked about on her shows.  She was talking to folks like you, who said she should be doing this and that.  I'll get back to this post after work.
    • ADOS is a massive comedy. Didn't I post what Rush Limbaugh thinks about Reparations? What else do you want to hear from a dude (aka Trump) taking his policy advice from Rush? I happened to catch Yvette Carnell (YC) the other day (through an ADOS friend of mine who watches he religiously). She was complaining that most people watching her channel (ADOS enthusiasts) are asking her to do this, asking her to do that ... so she complained that people are "arm chair quarterbacks; Sitting home, doing nothing and keep demanding her to do stuff". She also complained that her subscriber count got stuck at around 60k. I just laughed ... Why? Because YC has been telling people that self bootstrapping doesn't work (She has been making fun of Boyce Watkins, who advocates this approach). She doesn't realize that self bootstrapping is actually a mindset. It is a mindset of action takers, go-getters and people who are willing to sacrifice to achieve goals. YC doesn't realize that the majority of people who follow her have an opposite mindset. Her followers will Rarely do anything on their own, because they have been conditioned to have someone else do things for them. These people are risk adverse, always blaming others (Either White Supremacy or Immigrants, and now Democrats are their new targets). And YC has been re-enforcing that belief ... now she is asking them to do support her efforts. During that same Youtube call, YC  and Tone Talk lashed out at a caller, who dared suggesting that ADOS runs for office.  How stupid are the leaders of ADOS? #ADOS has gone from a hashtag to becoming a comedy show. Why am I not surprised?
    • I am hoping neither Miller or Burns start but are brought along as they develop. We have vets like Addison who will start and right now are the more complete player.
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