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Frank Scwhab: Cam Newton’s greatness is being overshadowed by a lot of needless criticism

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Cam loves to be in the light. Somehow some people knock him for that. He alluded to that himself when he said he wants to be an icon and entertainer and then in his recent interview where he said if you come see him play, he'll put on a show. If there is a reason I am never afraid Cam will fail, it's because the kid is self-driven. He wants to be GOAT and plays like it.


"Just sit back and watch the show" ~ C. J. Newton.

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Ah just what the huddle needs, more baseless rumors!

"Nobody really knows him." What kind of underhanded crap is that? Talk about reaching.

Sorenson and some dipshit radio dj who may have met him for an hour know him well enough to make such ridiculous statements about him as a person? I expect it from national media, but this being local disappoints.

So players are hinting about him now. Care to link us to any of these "hints" sir?

Of all the stuff that I've read about him this offseason, this is right near the top of most ridiculous.


Agreed.  Everything I've ever heard from teammates about Cam is that he's a blast to be around, is very chatty and full of energy.  Most say he fits our particular locker room with the diverse set of personalities we have ranging from the jokester Gross, the chatterbox Dwill, the personality devoid Jstew, the big hearted TD, the Krazed Krakken, etc.


Maybe people are coming to this perception that "you don't really know who he is" because he doesn't seem to hang around the team all that much outside of football.  I'm sure he meets up with teammates occasionally, but I know Cam doesn't drink in public so he probably doesn't go out clubbing with Hardy, Chuck and Beast.  If I were to take a guess Cam is probably a bit of a web junkie and a gamer, just judging by his old self-made Ads to get on the Madden cover.

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