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    • she deleted this video as soon as it got dug up
    • then she's a dumbass. after centuries of oppression she's out here saying "well hold on now let's just talk to the white supremacists"??? nope lol she's a grifter. she doesn't believe any of this poo. also bullshit. her whole shtick is that #ADOS have no allies. that it's time for american descendants of slaves to stand for themselves. and she thinks the best way to do that is to sit back and wait for the people who she explicitly argues do not care about the grievances of american descendants of slaves to take the streets on their behalf? and to "talk" with white supremacists? nonsense. you've been conned. white people won't lead the charge so it's time for black people to...let white people lead the charge? instead of organizing black people should just...not vote? they should embrace right wing economics because...that's beneficial to black people? you have been conned. it's ok. drop it and i won't bring it up again. you're not surgically attached to these grifters. you can walk away at any time. choose not to and that's on you. keep looking because you sure as fug haven't found it. fattened up the pockets of the #ADOS grifters though. i guess if nothing else they're getting their "reparations" exploiting the struggle for their own personal benefit, at the cost of the oppressed around the world. this notion of "elite immigrants" is a direct result of white supremacy. immigrants with economic and racial capital move at will. black and brown immigrants get exploited. but immigrants have absolutely nothing to do with reparations. immigrants aren't taking resources from some reparations pool. there is no reparations pool. if the borders closed tomorrow you wouldn't see a dime from it. well unless you're currently on tanton's payroll. shut the fug up about immigrants. fug you. there is no path to reparations through yvette carnell's words and i'm really starting to think you're fine with that. you're more interested in preserving the economic system that has enslaved and oppressed black people since the first ships touched these shores than securing the mass redistribution of wealth and capital necessary to constitute meaningful reparations. the #ADOS grifters are reactionaries for pay. they reflexively oppose progressive policy that disproportionately benefits black men and women under the guise that it's not exclusive to black men and women. this is of course nonsense that serves the interests of the john tantons of the world. the steve bannons of the world. the donald trumps of the world. i am embarrassed for you. but that's fine, one less ally in the struggle isn't such a big deal in the long run. most have seen through this #ADOS scam in part due to the work of some of the celebrities they've attacked along the way and in part due to how transparent it all is. for any interested observers, don't allow these right wingers to poison the well. reparations will come in spite of the hopes of white supremacists like john tanton, not because of them.
    • hope not---Reid is an in the box ss---proved that time and time again last year.
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