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If the Obama administration is not planning to do anything with low level drug crimes...why not just pardon them all

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Yeah, a lot of people thought Obama would actually take a liberal approach to drug policy (particularly marijuana) because, well, he was a fuging pothead back in the day.  This little change in enforcement was pretty much nothing, and his entire administration has done nothing to change status quo on drugs so far.


He has two and a half years to grow some balls and actually do something about one of the biggest sources of waste in government, I hope he does

imagine what a waste of time that would have been.  the righties spend so much time preventing him from doing anything positive, for the sake of making the point not to let Obama accomplish anything.  and these are for more pressing issues in our country, not something as petty as a new MJ law

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Don't know if he has that authority.



He does. The executive branch was given explicit authority to remove it.


You will recall that Holder and Obama have both said that congress must approve any change in the schedule with is false. They are either confused or fibbing. 

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