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RIP: ESPN chokes to death eating crow

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They won close games against teams like MIA, CLE, JAC, TEN, BUF when they were all bad and got 50+ points scored on em by NE. When they played good teams they got beat bad.

So the Colts are better than the pretenders, and not as good as the contenders? If there are not enough contenders to fill out the field, you need the semi-good team to step up. That was the Colts.

They are us, just in the AFC. If a few contenders falter, it is our opportunity to take their seat at the table. We are .500, but with only 3 losses. We have a ridiculously easy schedule.

Protect our house. Steal one from the 9ers or aintz on the road. We very well could be going into Alt., in week 17, with lots to play for. Or not of course.

Same for the Colts.

Our QBs will determine how far our teams go. Luck is fine, he be good. I get it. But I gots Cam. I win.

We let Cam be Cam. Cam is playing great, hey, for the most part, and our Offense is looking really really good. Oh by the way. Lost in all this is the fact that Cam is having fun again. No more talk about who he is. He is Cam. And if he is having fun, we are having fun. I can live with that.

tl/dr version. If we continue to put those WTF? moments in our rear-view mirror. We gonna be good, very good on Offense. Teamed with our Defense, this team can be a force to be reckoned with.

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The Colts were also insanely Lucky last year, pun intended, actually being outscored on the year by more than the Panthers, yet having an 11-5 record compared to 7-9. Crazy.

Without a few boneheaded plays, we could have also been 11-5.

Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, second TB game. We should have won all of them.

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