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Dude runs like a troll.  One of our MVPs.   As good as Dwill has been....Trollbert might be our best rb this year. We were all like..."Marty Hurney WTF?" when we signed him, cause we all thought, "Oh No! Overcrowded backfield alert".  But dude has his niche.  Backfield isn't overcrowded it's perfect.   


David  Gettles has come in and has done a great job with the 1 year deals.  Blackburn, Ginn, and Mitchell were great signings.  But some of the Marty Hurney decisions that we've questioned (especially myself) have shown to be wise with time.   If we were fortunate enough to win the Superbowl.....we should send Marty a ring too.   


After thought:  I know MH's negotiating skills were suspect and he overpaid.  We needed a change.  Point is....this team has Marty's and Gettles stamp on it.

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Like this one best

Mikey said in an interview a few days ago he thought this was the best nickname he's heard someone give him. And I agree.

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Captain and  Tolbert practicing some new dance moves.



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    • Yeah the problem with our "education" lottery is that the state decided to use the lottery revenues not as additional funds but as a replacement for tax dollars previously earmarked for education. The lottery would have been a great boost to the education system in NC, however the legislators did exactly what they said they would not do, and used it as a replacement instead.  Actually the strip is arguably more depressing than the rest of Vegas. It's an urban area, so there are obviously some downtrodden places, especially since they were one of the hardest hit areas after the housing crisis. But there are DEFINITIVELY a lot of very nice areas outside the strip. Go to North Vegas or old downtown. It's like any other city, plenty of great food and lots of things to do. And, yes, I have been there. The negatives about gambling are the same negatives that will exist regardless of the legality. The fact is that some people will go broke and get addicted to gambling, whether legal or not. Just because some people lack self control should not condemn some pretty harmless entertainment. As I said earlier, make sure there are ample safety nets in place to assist gambling addicts and you deal with that issue in that manner. There would be plenty of revenue to fund that. Heck, make it a requirement that each institution has to give a percentage to such services. I would be fine with that, as well. 
    • And MLS...Tepper seems determined to get a team.
    • If cellular generation is the beginning of life, is cellular degeneration the end of it? Does that mean Gam-Gam has got to go?
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