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Guest Irv

Your reaction when hixon made the game winning td catch?

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I was 11 rows up from the field, Hixon came down in my corner of the end zone. Right in front of me. I cried. Shouted, "We did it!" Hugged everyone I could reach. High fived the rest. Thanked the football gods. Shouted, "Brees, you're no Brady! Just kneel!" We all said, "See you in the playoffs. Merry Christmas!" as we left.

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I didn't say a word.

Let me set the scene for you;

I'm at a bar in the rural outskirts of Virginia Beach. I'm in a strange situation: my wife grew up in that area, her mother and sisters are regulars there. They were all talking to friends outside - they had grown tired of the game. They have short football attention spans.

So I'm inside. To my left is a table of about 8 folks, half Redskins and half Cowboys fans watching their game. A couple of Dolphins fans to my right hadn't turned away from our game since before the JG TD. It was a rather docile crowd... I was the only one standing (empty chairs all around) and aside from the occasional clap from the Redskins and Cowboys fans I was really the only one showing any emotion. I was trying to hold back as much as possible... I didn't want to embarrass the in-laws... but then it happened.

The catch was made. I jumped into the air, hands raised above my head. I see that the door to the patio is wide open and at a 45 degree angle to my left. I bolt for the door, suddenly feeling claustrophobic in the nearly empty bar.

As I approach the open door, I begin to pound my chest in long, powerful swings starting with my arm fully outstretched in front of me and ending with a surprisingly loud thud. The motion was enough to send my glasses flying off of my head, somehow landing perfectly on a nearby table.

The patio of this particular establishment is a wooden deck that abuts the Back Bay, with a very wide wooden railing. As I made my way from the restaurant onto the patio, I began to run the length of the patio, violently slapping the railing with the fury of a high five from Zeus himself. A single family was seated in the outdoor dining area of the patio, off to the left of where I exited the bar and completely shielded from view. Looking back, I can only imagine how I may have appeared to them.

As I began to regain control of myself and my reaction, I turned and re-entered the bar in a gait that was part walk, part jog, and part skip. I retrieved my glasses, and returned to my seat without saying a word. That was where I remained for the remainder of the game,covering my mouth and rocking back and forth like a troubled soul awaiting a life-altering outcome and muttering jibberish phrases to myself.

As the results of the day sank in, so too did the memories of the puzzled looks that I received from the other patrons of the bar, football fan and non-fan alike. I put on for them a display of pure primal and unbridled passion, the likes of which I'm sure few of them have ever experienced before.

TL;DR: I went ape poo.

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