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Official Huddle Playoff Tickets Contest #2 - Pure Poetry

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Always be a poet, even in prose.

- Charles Baudelaire



Welcome, Huddle Lords and Scholars of Literature, to the Pure Poetry ticket contest.


In this thread you will surely read some of the most thought provoking work you have ever set eyes upon.


Here is where the Huddle faithful will submit their words... nay,.. their very being. They will pour open their soul and what shall spill from it will surely be nourishment for the huddled masses.


The Challenge I set forth is this: Inspire us with your Poetry. Make us feel what we have never felt. Make us erect in delight and pleasure as you tickle our senses and ignite our passions.



Compose for us the most amazing Panthers Poem.



There are no literary rules, as such great works cannot be constrained by them. There are, however, a few structural rules for the contest.


- Poems must be posted in this thread

- Poems must have a Panthers theme

- Normal black type only please, impress us with content.. not characters.

- Deadline is Friday at 3pm.


Poems will be judged on originality, creativity, and overall spirit.


Poems with the most PIE awarded by fellow Huddlers will be given consideration for the prize, which is 2 tickets to the playoff game Sunday.


Ultimately, I decide the winner. You can pick up your tickets at the Huddle Tailgate.


Good luck. I look forward to being inspired.








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As The Day approaches, The Panthers feel this is their year,

As opposing Qbs, tremble with fear.

Monsters Inc is eating cereal with no spoons

While the Kraken himself howls at the moon.


Riverboat himself is ready to roll the dice

As Smitty picks which DB he wants to fight

Ka El will soar when it is time to win

As he smiles for the cameras with his photogenic grin


Wine and Cheese no longer we are

We are a raging inferno that begin with a spark

Bank of America, we wil defend

As all of soliders are ready to win


From the Sam Mills days up to now

This franchise has work hard with sweat on the brow

Charlotte smiles as she is proud of her team

As Ka El hands a football to a kid to fullfil their dream


New York is really not that far away

Two games, two games away from that awesome day

As we wait for Sunday, this is how legends are born

We are rocking the all back,the NFL's greatest uniforms


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Keep Pounding


Solitary drum pounding

black to a nation’s pulse beating

ice through veins hardened

by twenty years of starvation

for success more than a morsel.


There are no moral victories

this year. There is only domination.



              Killed it.

                            No spoon.


And seventy-thousand strong

we are, bleeding black and blue

within our hallowed temple.

As legendary gladiators battle,

defending us from invasion,

all we can do is shout—

That is all they ask of us.



Sixty minutes tick away:

warriors leave the field,

spectators exit the temple,

and a single man remains,

pounding a black drum

for the nation yet lives.

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Please keep comments positive, espescially if you haven't manned up with your own .




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Do you feel it Colin? 

Creeping behind you

Footsteps ever faster

A tentacle's grasp

Fade to black



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Keep Pounding

Sam Mills spirit cheers

This is the Panthers year.

SuperCam is here so there is nothing to fear

Only the Panthers opponents have something to fear

The L in their Win/Loss column I swear brings them a tear

Release Da Kraken, Charles Johnson, Luke and Davis on D

Their offense won't know what hit them and the D will get the TD

This year in New york

We will come to see

Panthers holding the Lombardi trophy up in the air for all to see.

Panthers crowned World Champs

Oh what a sight it will be to see





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Edgar Allan Poe is my great, great, great, great, great uncle and I can't even begin to write poetry :(




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Illeterate cockburglar,

Wearer of Dolphin hats.

Give no credit to the Panther defense

That held you to humiliating stats.

History will repeat itself,

And as your smug ass slumps slowly off the field,

Fans will cheer.  You're eyes will tear,

Your sphinkter will pucker with fear.

For you will have learned the truth:

The Panthers are here.




seperate work:



As the black and blue crowd

Celebrate success,

There's one fan so sad, so caught in distress.

Why is it she cries when the Panther's have won?

Why do tears soak her face

Why does she turn from the sun?

Is it perhaps, though the stats she may skew,

The Saints* implode on the road

And she lost all she knew.

But who is Dat? So alone in this place.

Sitting so Fat, with Dat greasy rapist's face.

She'll compile some stats,

She'll make a wall of excuses,

She'll ignore the facts,

But Alejandro still loses.



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Soon fans will be lining up at the gates

To witness what will one day be known as the greats

All black uniforms and dressed in nothing but black fans

Who won't hesitate to hit you with an aluminum beer cans


Once the panthers take the field

Niner blood is sure to be spilled

Every fan shall stand as Kaep is metaphorically killed

Pather nation prepare yourself to be thrilled.


So enjoy your new fan rick flair the traitor

Nobody around here misses the sorry hater

Once upon a time it was nothing but wooooooo

now its fug simpy Fug youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


The best uniforms of all time was our first Win

then onto San Fran where made them atone for their dirty sin

After our third and final stand I can't wait to see Cams sh it eating grin

So yes Jim Harbaugh after Sunday we'll "have it better than you" again






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Buffalo Turds, Buffalo Turds

So good to eat

Until the next morning

when they show their true heat

Go Panthers

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The defense was awesome as they led us to a win

It's possible they were the best they've ever been


We silenced all those that said we didn't have a chance

Dwan Edwards even got to do his little sack dance


Now the analysts are at it again

Dave Dameshek, Colin Cowherd, where to begin?


We don't need your love

We don't need your recognition

We don't need your praise to win the competition


2 more wins

2 more teams down

2 more weeks and then we'll be Super Bowl bound


So strap it on men

Kaepernick, it's you we'll be hounding

Remember the motto it says to KEEP POUNDING!

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there once was a panther from nantucket

whose dick was so long he could suck it

and he said with a grin

as he wiped off his chin

i'll find a 49er ***** and fug it


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