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Official Huddle Playoff Tickets Contest #2 - Pure Poetry

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a mild breeze blows from the south

the sky lays low to get a better view

from the west coast all you hear is mouth

mirror this, mirror that

there is a much tougher crew

overlooked and under the radar

but no longer out of sight

this team, this city...just how far?

the longing for success can almost weary the soul

our warriors, no fear

it is now modern Rome

a crown made of sterling silver

will soon find its way home

in the far away distance you hear the war drum bang

pounding...pounding..pounding it draws near

the time has come Carolina

the time has come


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On calculated tree limb,

Fused into the covetous black night.

A Panther perches firm.


A steely and hellacious glare,

Gifted to the overweening Island Fox,

As he foolishly walks onto home range.


Unaware, and existing,

by Panthers sadistic nature alone,

Island Fox mines for weak prey.

Fools gold.


The Island Fox believes he is safe,

And why should he not?

Feasting on wounded birds,

Both loud and dirty.


Head lowers,

Shoulder blades take turns cutting into the air,

Strike down, clenching the Island fox's weak maw.


23-13 Panthers







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alright, thought i'd give it a shot... this one goes out to our hard working running backs


You may not recall

Him getting the job done

For the expansion team panthers

In the year number one


But when it came for

Our ground game to score

There was no one else to count on

Then my man Derrick Moore


Then in year two

It was our time to shine

So along came Anthony Johnson

To get the ball across the line


And then who else

Was gonna bring the pain

When it was time to move the chains

You know this: Fred Lane


And then Defense

Who was gonna juke ya

Gotta get the cadence right

Tim Biaka-bu-tuka


And then Richard Huntley

Was getting them yards

And not far after

Lamar Smith was working hard


But in Oh Three

Who was gonna take us

On a Superbowl trip

Could it be Stephen Davis


Yes it could, Yes it could

Man he was so good

But not good enough to keep Kasey

from kicking the freaking ball out of bounds


And then everyone got hurt

And we weren’t really good

But blue collar Nick Goings

Balled out like he could


And who could forget

My boy Deshaun Foster

If you didn’t game plan

Then you know its gonna cost ya


And in the current era

D-Will and J-Stew

They call em Double Trouble

Cause they gonna run all over you


First tandem ever

To post one thousand each

But forget the statistics for a second

Stiff arm of doom is gonna preach


And who would have guessed

The ground game could get better

When the QB Cam Newton

Started setting all kinds of records


So there you have it fans

your yearly rushing kings

Panther Nation keep on pounding

And running for them rings



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I'm obviously not eligible so this is just for fun...


Win three more, Panthers

To fulfill my biggest dream

I've chills at the thought



Also, just looked at the date so this came to my mind...


Five years have passed since

It all ended so quickly

Don't let this one slip

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That special Sunday there was a chill in the air

Look around, black and blue jerseys everywhere

A sight unseen in years past...

The Panthers are back in the playoffs at last!!


The atmosphere is hypnotic...

as the cheers surround

The home crowd is electric

as Cam scores a touchdown.


Cam does his best impression

of Superman

and then hurries to the sideline

to give the ball to a fan


The Stadium was rocking

the defense- ready to attack

Kraken's poised and ready

to put Kapernick on his back


Kapernick's arm is hit

as he tries to throw

The stadium goes crazy

where did the ball go?


Then there is an eruption

by the stadium full of fans

The ball is intercepted by

Captain Munnerlyn


He jukes and he spins

his way through the crowd

as he pushes and stiff arms

Kapernicks face to the ground


He dives in the end zone

as the celebration begins

All eyes on Cap

as he gets a big grin


He jumps and struts

and dances with bliss

Then flexes his muscle

and gives it a kiss


The crowd goes wild

they know deep in there heart

That a win is forthcoming

and this is just the start


For the future is bright for this

Panther team

A win this week and next

then we begin the dream


That the game we never finished

way back when

Will be different this time........

We win it all in the end.

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Sanguine the Niners ascended, confident they could never be upended,

Striding into the vault with victory assured,

Kap and Gore leading the way, beyond eager to join the fray.

Roman called up many a play, but the Panthers defense stoutly endured.

The team took heart and was reassured,

A Panthers lead was soon to be secured.


On offense Cam would lead the charge, Steve Smith looming large.

Call by call the Panthers would dink and dunk.

Content to run the clock, the mighty Niners defense was a crock.

Mouths agape the crimson fans were in shock, the bowling ball rolled into the endzone with spunk.

Their playoff hopes slowly shrunk.


The gold diggers began their drive, desperate to stay alive.

Pass after pass was soon completed,

Gore gashed his way yard by yard, the Panthers could not retard.

The defense was caught off guard, their energy depleted.

The point after sailed through and Monsters Inc. retreated.


Ginn returned the kick, darting through gunners double quick.

Cam returned determined to advance,

To the crowd's dismay, things began to go astray.

The football was fumbled away, recovered by the Niners perchance.

Nevertheless CJ and Kraken were set in their stance,

Whirling like dervishes at a ballroom dance.


Resolute the defense remained, holding the Niners to not a single yard gained.

The ball was on their side with the clock counting down,

Williams and Stewart would smash and dash, the defense they would savage and slash.

Outside the red zone the Panthers would end their clash, with the kicker of much renown.

Gano's kick flew true and the game ended in a flash.


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Ickle Me Tickle Me and Pickles Too,

Went for a ride in a Panthers Shoe


What Fun

Its Time They Knew

Said Ickle Me Tickle Me and Pickles Too


Ickle was Captain,

And Tickle was Crew

Pickles was awful

100 Interceptions he threw


Ickle Returned

and Tickle did too

But Pickles was given the boot

From The Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Shoe



Pie me if you like Big Boobs.

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The sound could be heard

 A long deep rumbling

Felt down in their bones

And knew a battle was coming

The players thought of retreating

Because as they looked east

They could hear the drum beating.




The beast from the east

 Twas ready to eat

They looked to the West

and yelled give it your best

there was no way to accept defeat




down through the years

the tale will be told

Of the Day the Niners

left the field in tears.

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The roar of the crowd

screams, yells, chants

Kaep, he hears them

then craps in his pants.




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Niners  yelling to all that will listen

Who’s got it better than us?

We do is the answer they were missing

As they leave on their bus

With Their eyes a glisten

And a hurting vagina

After being crushed by Carolina

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This coming Sunday, from 1 until 4

The Panthers will come to knock the Niners through the floor.


Analysts thoughts will seem a dream, and their jaws will drop

as their favorite team, will completely flop.

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