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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Miami Heat Playoff Series Thread

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So game over, swept out of the playoffs. All in all a great year, just horrendous luck down the stretch. Win one more game all year and we're winning a few games in the postseason. Then Al Jefferson tears a muscle in quarter one game one. Pretty much sums up the history of the Bobcats. I'm proud of our guys, and am very excited for next year.

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Yeah, I think Henderson has peaked as a NBA player. I'd prob be okay to have him as a bench player but if he's starting again next year I'd expect similar results. He plays a position where you have go to be able to consistently score and you've got to be able play defense.

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I would like to see a cartoon of Rufus going to the vet and getting the gas. Long live Hugo! Oh yeah Henderson, gtfo. And take Shitenour with you.

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I hope they draft someone who can shoot. Amazing how many jump shots clang off the rim.


Yeah, this is my biggest problem with the Cats and it's always been that way. I remember liking Gerald Wallace but he couldn't shoot. Henderson is just as bad. Kemba can't shoot. Kidd Gilchrist can't shoot.


It's basketball and we don't have the best players. You have to be able to shoot, otherwise you can't make the opponent play defense.


Clifford seems like a good basketball coach. I think they will make adjustments and we'll finally have a team that can shoot.


I think the furthest any Charlotte team ever got was when they nearly beat the Bucks to go to the ECF long ago. That team had Jamal Mashburn - now that guy could shoot the basketball. Also Baron Davis was on the team and in his prime. He could create and had a reliable three at that poin in his career.

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North Carolina fans - Get PJ Hairston!

Duke fans - We should've tanked for Parker!

NC State fans - Get TJ Warren!

Wake Forest fans - .....

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    • Panthers are my last sport/team that I hardcore follow. I dont even follow the NFL much anymore, just the panthers. Even knowing the odds about loss/wins and convid stuff....Im still glad they are making a effort to be seen. I even record the pre-season games and leave them on til the start of next season. Im even going to miss that, but remain hopeful for a full season.
    • i haven't been 'lead to believe' that trump is a fascist, i've been pointing this out long before there was even a hint of it from any media or otherwise started catching on. fascism isn't just a name/label/insult, it's an actual ideology with rules and guidelines. i'm not using the word fascism the way people use it to just insult each other without knowing the meaning of it, ie "antifa are the real fascists because they're violent." tenets of fascism, as an ideology, include but aren't limited to: social hierarchy social conservativism nationalism with an emphasis on external and internal enemies as a unifying cause corporatism with privatized economy suppression of labor / labor power a strong police state and aggressive force used against its citizens by the tenets and definitions of fascism as an ideology, donald trump is objectively 100% a fascist calling someone a fascist isn't comparing them to Hitler, it's saying that they belong to the same ideology as Hitler. Cam Newton was a Panther and Teddy Bridgewater is a Panther, but saying they're both Panthers isn't comparing them. it's just saying that they're both Panthers. as far as Obama, he followed just about every tenet but social conservatism. the democratic party is 'fascist-lite' like you say, the republican party is just fascist.  
    • Yes you are, though. By going your path, and aligning anyone black who comes here as AA, you are erasing our voice and history. ADOS and AA is the same thing you dunce. There’s a reason ADOS was created, and it was because AA became label for anyone black in America. 
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