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  1. Glad to we the Seahawks got on board. Go Real Seahawks! Go Panthers!!!
  2. I think the NFC is the away team this year so it'll be up to the AFC to choose their color.
  3. For shits and giggles.... http://www.fieldgulls.com/2016/1/12/10749996/cam-newton-seahawks-playoffs-matchup-preview http://www.fieldgulls.com/2016/1/12/10753774/nfl-playoffs-panthers-strength-of-schedule-seahawks-preview
  4. Carolina has the better.... QB OL TE RB FB But sure Seattle's WRs mean they have the better offense....
  5. While I agree we "The Fans" overreact to the National Media and we shouldn't.... its pretty damn bad when the Head Coach (Ron) spends 40% of his press conference after the first loss of the season speaking on the media's BS.
  6. If you took the jerseys off of this team the NY media would say they were garbage. The ONLY reason why they are getting any hype is because its the NYG. Jax is a better team, Houston is a better team, Atlanta is a better team, Tampa is a better team etc. We are going to destroy them. And then the NY media will still be confused because they still only see the laundry and not the players.
  7. " It won't be a cake walk. Not like the other games where they were involved but will it not? This Carolina team relied on a "rain storm" to win that game against the Colts. Is it gonna rain like no tomorrow on Sunday? Not! My phone says no. " Don't know if anyone posted that gem yet or not (I'm too lazy to check) but that one cracked me up.
  8. " A top defense with a suspect offense. If the good Colts show up, we win this easily. Bad Colts show..... Pagano could be looking for a new job sooner than later" Someone want to break it to the guy that there is no "good" Colts...
  9. These boys remember last year... and they're pissed. Panthers- 35 Iggles- 10
  10. Dude can be excited about his Defense all he wants.... But the question is How are the EAGLES gonna score on the PANTHERS?
  11. You're from WA so you have every right to be a Hawk fan. Like SCP said when I lived in the South I met maybe 3 Seahawk fans in my life (I'm 33) before 2012. I was working in Atlanta living in Raleigh so I spent my life at the airport.... EVERYWHERE I went there were "12th men" When I moved to Sacramento I thought no way I see Hawks jerseys right? Wrong.... While I do see Raiders and Niners jerseys everywhere (the 9'ers jerseys disappeared about middle of November last year) I see almost as many Hawks or Cowboys jerseys (Actually I think I see as many Cowboys jerseys).... this is in the middle
  12. There are quite a few "Warriors/Hawks" fans walking around Sacramento.
  13. Ah yes.... BUT I can go to bed at 830-900 on Sunday and Monday nights if I want and would have still seen all the game.
  14. You think its early in the day to be hammered at 1? I have to be at the bar at 10 most Sundays....
  15. 24-7 Panthers. It will never been close.
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