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  1. I think it was during the '91-'92 season. We were playing the New Jersey Nets. I was only 5 or 6 years old, so the only thing I really remember is that Kendall Gill sprained his ankle during the game.
  2. How many seasons in a row does Ron have to learn to not be conservative?
  3. While I'm not interested in having a blog myself I am interested in reading blogs by some of the more intelligent posters here.
  4. I don't think he's soft or lazy. I just don't think his body can handle an NFL beating anymore. He's always injured. Even his first few seasons when he played every game he was always hurt. I hope he holds up because when healthy he's a beast.
  5. I had so much fun watching him get his ass kicked.
  6. I'll be 29 this coming July and the Panthers are the only team I've ever claimed. I was born in Presbyterian Hospital in 1986 and my parents had a house off Johnston Rd (before it extended all the way to Ballantyne). Before the Panthers the only team I was into was the Charlotte Hornets. My dad grew up a Falcons fan. I watched the 49ers/Chargers super bowl before our first season. My dad pulled for the 9ers so I did too.
  7. I know it's been said earlier in the thread but this really should be an article on the front page.
  8. Really? You're going to cite ESPN as a legitimate source? ESPN? The place where Mel Kiper went on a massive rant when we took Cam Newton because we already had Jimmy Clausen? That network? Where Skip Bayless works? ESPN? Yeah I'll take that opinion seriously. I also think the Hornets are going to win a championship next year and the Saints will win the South for the next 10 years.
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