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  1. David Moore, Shi Smith, Brandon Zylstra. 6 total.
  2. Well I would certainly lean towards giving Graham up for sure. Problem with all that is that Oladipo's trade value is likely high based on his All-Star past.
  3. If Oladipo is available I can't imagine they wouldn't inquire about bringing him in. Melo, Oladipo, Hayward, PJ, Zeller. Obviously I would still like an upgrade at C but perhaps the Rockets would be willing to let Victor go for a combination of Monk, Rozier/Graham, and a pick? Thoughts?
  4. I work with a Philly fan and he said they would burn Philly down if they drafted QB before the Wentz trade. I wonder how he feels about it now. I don’t think he has much faith in Hurts.
  5. His comments on CB bode well for Caleb Farley. Wasn’t he a converted WR?
  6. I agree, or make the day after the SuperBowl some sort of National Holiday
  7. Well I think we all relearned what we already knew. Somebody lyin'
  8. Where is my mind?

  9. I lurk in the shadows of the huddle waiting to agree or disagree with posts.

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