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  1. Would we not eat a portion of it to make him go away the way CLE did with Baker? We take on $8-10M of his contract in order to relieve us of $8-10M and remove him from our QB room? Baker + 50% of Darnold's salary = ~ $20M for our QB1.
  2. I hope Rambo can make it to the PS.....would like to let him marinate there for a year or two. Agree with OP on the seven mentioned. Zylstra is 29 already and is a good WR4, but I'd prefer the loser of the WR3 battle of TMJ/Higgins there, then Saunders....even Shi above Zylstra for long-term needs. Roberts should be strictly a KR/PR and maybe a bench guy if needed in a game. The Higgins-TMJ competition is going to be fun to watch. Higgins and Baker have chemistry, so I think Higgins wins it out initially. I do believe TMJ will find ways to get involved and four-wide sets won't be an uncommon thing with the talent we have. TMJ is the future and Higgins is only on a 1-yr deal.
  3. Corral will flash in quarters three and four of the preseason games against back-up talent. He'll look promising and a QB to bank on in the future. Corral will look good in practices and have fans and hopefully coaches licking their chops for 2023. Baker v. Darnold will be the true TC and preseason competition. Baker will win it out, Darnold will be QB2 and PJ gets cut.
  4. I'd take Elflein over everyone else at LG. The other four positions are essentially locked.....it's that LG spot up for grabs. Ereck Flowers is still on the market. 28-year old former tackle, that converted to guard and played better there. His cap hit is why WAS cut him, IIRC. Depends on if we want to trust 4/5 OL to hold it down and shuffle the young guys and Elflein at LG vs. adding another FA to our OL. I'm not against Mays/BC/Brown competing over the next year to see if they are the long-term solution. On Sundays though....I only want them rotating in to give the starters a blow.
  5. Whoa.....whoa....whoa. We already got black helmets today. This organization making two smart choices in one day is a reach these days.
  6. Tepper beta testing the black helmets to gauge interest. Hopefully the feedback is enough to move forward with this permanently.
  7. Agreed. I feel like lately I'm reading about a lot of former NFL players dead before the age of 50. Some CTE related, but other just random deaths too. So sad.
  8. I think Dunlap is a UFA signing that is just waiting for the unnecessary mini camp reps that vets usually try to avoid happen. This will help the DL rotation. To the OP, our secondary has to be a strength both in traits, and depth. Vets and youngsters. Shaq and Littleton will also pair well in between.
  9. Same same. I would love for Corral to be all that we hope he can be for the future. I love his style of play, his moxy and leadership in the locker room. He has that DNA/blueprint to being a successful NFL QB. Time will tell if he reaches that potential. This is where Mayfield helps. Corral can live in the film room, watch the speed of the NFL up close, but not in a starter role, and ask all the questions he has of the vets.
  10. Baker is a polarizing QB, no doubt. He does give off crybaby vibes at times. I do believe that he has a passion for the game and hatred to lose much like CN1. I think he speaks his mind....sometimes too far much like CN1. I do think Baker should have done more with what he had on paper in Cleveland. I do think he got a raw deal in Cleveland by the front office and people are focusing too much on the '21 season. The guy played for 15 weeks with a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder and eventually, a fractured bone in the same shoulder. Outside of the 1 week with Covid and the bye week, Baker played 13 games when he probably should not have. The amount of stress that front facing shoulder took snap after snap, week after week being punished as QBs do. The mechanical issues that his throwing motion would have suffered because of it are being overlooked. His rookie year and 2020 season were both top-12 overall QB seasons. I don't think Baker is our surefire franchise QB for the next 5-10 years, but I do think he will make a lot of Panthers fans happy in 2022. All indications point to a bounce back year for Mayfield this year with an enoromous chip on his shoulder. If Baker can buy us a year or two (if we franchise him next year) until Corral is ready to take over, it's a win..... and I feel like that's all that Fits is trying to do. Jimmy would've cost more, and we can't roll Darnold/PJ out week one, so let's look at the glass half full. Where Darnold struggled with confidence and passion, Baker thrives. A healthy offseason, a new franchise and in a contract year should offer Mayfield the opportunity to succeed. I for one am psyched for week one against the Browns. This clip of Baker's first NFL start is pretty amazing and indicative of the QB I think we will see in week one.
  11. Baker is QB1 for 2022 Corral projects to be QB1 for 2023 Let the rookie who has room to grow, learn in the film room, under minimal expectations and a year to adjust to the speed of the NFL. We're paying $24M for our starting QB. Not great.....but by no means the worst. Baker is a bit better than Darnold and with a chip on his shoulder, is a win-win for us. If Baker is as awful as everyone thinks, we're barely out any assets, and Rhule is for sure not here beyond 2022.
  12. If this $$ amount is what was reported during the draft, then I say hold off and let that number come down. Makes no sense to wait two months and lose a game of chicken to CLE. If this is a new speculation, then Baker @ $9M on a 1-yr prove-it deal is fine by me. Darnold is a sunken cost from '21 that shouldn't really affect your financial decision making in '22 since we have cap. Hypothetically, if Darnold and his salary wasn't on the books, would you make the deal for Baker at $9M? There's a good chance Robby is part of the deal to CLE and we would get out from under his overpaid salary (and declining attitude). I do hope that if we do grab Baker, that we also still get Dunlap. One deal should not be done that then hampers you from making another very important transaction.
  13. I'm not necessarily a fan of Baker if we're talking long-term nor if it costs us any significant assets. However, Baker in '22 with the chip on his shoulder, in a walk-year, with the current QB room, is a pretty solid move. Is it a "great" move or a "no-brainer".... no. A one-year rental at our weakest position with something to prove...... yes, please. Baker > Sam. Let Corral sit for a year and learn.
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