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  1. Gotta think we've contacted Detroit about Decker. At 0-4 and with the NFC being pretty stacked (especially in the NFCW), I wonder if they cut bait on the vet, pick up a nice return and roll Sewell out as their future LT.
  2. If the money isn't spent on the OL and/or earmarked for re-signing DJ2 and Jackson, I don't want it. Gilmore is past his prime for a CB1 and we have a trio of youngsters under the age of 26. IMO, Gilmore does not fit our plans.
  3. Bradberry was pretty soft spoken too, and many here would LOVE to have him back. This kid is 6 years younger and more athletic.
  4. I would prefer to look in Detroit and see what they want for Decker. The Lions are 0-3 and Sewell is a natural LT. At 28 years old, he's not young, but for an OT, is in his prime with a solid 6-8 years left in the tank. I think he's available to come of the IR this coming week.
  5. Happy to hear that it's not as bad as once thought. However, I do have concern that it will linger all year long and we won't see a 100% CMC in 2021....potentially leading to a quicker degrading of the tread on his tires long-term.
  6. Agreed. I would prefer we bring in a FA and let Horn heal. Boyue-Jackson, though not great, would be fine with a vet that fits our system. There's some interesting names out there like Conley, Sherman, Dunbar and Josh Norman.
  7. Sucks too because had that BS PI call not been called, our defense would have been off the field.
  8. What they've done in two short years should be applauded. With Boyue back, there really isn't a huge weakness on the defensive side of the ball. We are fast, strong, young and athletic, while also deep enough that we can rotate folks in and out. If we re-sign DJ, we will be deep 1-3 (as well as Shi) at WR, set at HB and TE, and looks like QB is trending upward on a 23-year old top-3 drafted signal caller. I think this FA and draft we go full OL and K and walk into 2022 set up for long-term success. Like, if we snag a top OL in FA and grab another in Rounds 1 and 2, I wouldn't be against a K in the fourth or fifth round if there's a Janikowski-esque guy that comes along.
  9. Maybe should have drafted a kicker instead of a backup LS in the 6th.
  10. I really liked Forrest Lamp coming out in that draft year. If healthy, would be a nice upgrade at LG. The kicker that Baltimore just released would be great to have competition for camp heading into the season. A LB edition wouldn't be the worst idea, but I also think rolling Shaq-Carter-Reddick will be fine with how often we run a 2 backer scheme. I could see packages where Chinn or Franklin step down to be that third guy in a 3 safety set.
  11. Lots of former Panthers in there.....also noticed Cole Luke was tried at S. Classic Ron/Hurney magic still going on.
  12. It is odd that we are taking two tackles that have performed well in the past on certain sides (and not the other) and have flipped them this year to play the other side. Not saying it couldn't work or that you don't put your best T on the left....just curious why we don't want the round peg in the round hole.
  13. I am real excited for this kid. His size/speed/efficiency is scary good and he just turned 21 last week. After seeing how Jefferson tore up the league in his rookie year last year, I feel like Marshall is going to thrive here with minimal pressure given the surrounding cast.
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