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  1. This. I find it really odd that Reich + Caldwell + Brown + Duce + McCown equates to this JV looking offense. It ain't Bryce that's the problem....these position players are not running good routes, sloppy technique, awful spacing and zero separation. Bryce is putting the ball on the money more often than not. These guys aren't getting to their spots and the OL is crumbling quickly. TBF, 9 hasn't been perfect and made hella rookie mistakes, but he is not the issue with this offense. Lots of positives that will only improve with reps, better WRs and a healthy OL.
  2. Firing Reich after 1 year is true CH madness. I do think the coaching staff has sucked at scheming this offense up to a competent looking unit, but we don't know everything behind the scenes. Are they purposely doing it to give the young guys and new guys time to gel/figure out their place? Is the playbook stripped down for a rookie QB, rookie G, an OL missing one of its' anchors and 80% new WR/TE/RB/QBs? IDK. Waaaaaay too early to tell. Has the team looked like crap through 3 pre-season games and 2 regular season games? Yup. Patience is a virtue that is not found on this board.
  3. Would’ve preferred Roby and some experience, but I guess this is an addition. Don’t know enough about him. Hoping for the best. I’ve seen enough of CJ in a Panthers uniform too.
  4. What's the usual timeline for hammys for either end of the spectrum? Tightness/pulled vs. off the bone?
  5. BY looked like a rookie in his first game. This offense is very technical and requires hitting on all cylinders. It's pace, rhythm, misdirection, lots of substitutions looking for mismatches, balancing run/pass and taking your shots sporadically. Folks can say that the offense today looked like the preseason, but I didn't notice that. 5 and 81 especially showing out which I don't recall. Part of keeping the playcalling under wraps all offseason means that we might not hit our stride game 1. Pretty ludicrous to think it would. Bryce just missed Mingo on that bomb, just missed a few other throws that only come with reps, chemistry and tape sessions. Young is a brilliant mind and will make the adjustments. I wasn't happy with the outcome today, but see an offense that will take time to fully open up. We def need Chark to figure out how to stay healthy. His lack of presence on O does change the formula for opposing defenses. Miles did look a step or two slower and they had him on a pitch count for sure. If we get Horn back, sign Burns and let Hill take over the slot, we will be in good shape. The NT position concerns me but we knew that coming in. Maybe we call Detroit to see if Buggs is available? Is Wormley a NT or DE?
  6. Jesus, one game into a rookie's career on the road with a brand new coaching staff, personnel and injured deep threat. Not to make excuses because they did themselves in with three turnovers and too many penalties, but some of you guys need to step off the ledge.
  7. I'd love to bring Tee back to the Carolinas and give BY a true WR1 at 25 years old in year two of his career. Higgins/Mingo would be nasty and curious if CIN can pay Higgins after just giving Burrow his due $$ and Chase on the horizon. In looking at cap space next offseason, am I reading this incorrectly? Looks like we don't have as much as we thought or would there be some tweaking to open up more space? I thought '24 was when we had an insane amount of dough available... That dead cap is pretty crazy to see on paper.
  8. Can Kunkel please cover the Houston sports area and leave the 704 alone. He was spittin' speculation a couple of days ago and now trying to break news that pisses into his previous reports. Same with this assclown - "No suprise"....hahaha. Joe's been peppering pressers all week and using words like "murky" to describe the likelihood that he plays. Poor choice of words. Everything comes in threes, so I'm assuming Newton will slide in soon by calling our QB Vince or Steve or something along those lines. /endrant.
  9. Figure it will get done today so he can be fully under contract tomorrow. Friday is usually the big day each week for transactions, injuries, etc. leading up to that week's game. Get it done tonight, no distractions tomorrow, and get the dub Sunday. It's baffling that this franchise has an opportunity to sweep the stench of the past few years away with Rhule and yet, here we are, not paying our best defensive player....at a position that gets paid. You don't turn down the draft haul less than a year ago and have a staff with veteran NFL minds like Reich, Capers and Caldwell that understand the bizz to not get this hammered out. You've got the cap space in '23 and even more down the line.....Get it done. You're making the franchise look like it's been perceived the past 5-10 years....unprofessional.
  10. Steeler fans on some boards and YT speak highly of him, pre-injury. I keep seeing/hearing that he is fundamentally sound, dependable and a vet with production. He won't wow you with flare, but a rotational guy at worst. Vet that has lived in the 3-4 mold in Pittsburgh and Baltimore. We could do much worse at this point in the offseason.
  11. I was thinking the same thing watching the game. Announcers spoke highly of it and the zoomed in camera work made it look like real grass. Our turf looks like the worst possible version of artificial grass. It reminds me of Lumen Field and seeing places like LA and now Tennessee makes me wonder why our loaded owner that won't go to grass, won't pony up for the "best of the best".
  12. I hope the plan is for Zavala to get some reps and cut his NFL teeth at RG until Corbett is back. Then, move over to his former running mate and secure Bryce's blindside. Feel like the chemistry between Zavala and Ickey can only help Ickey, long-term too to have a familar face beside him. I'd prefer BC to be a swing guy or rotate in.
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