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  1. I am real excited for this kid. His size/speed/efficiency is scary good and he just turned 21 last week. After seeing how Jefferson tore up the league in his rookie year last year, I feel like Marshall is going to thrive here with minimal pressure given the surrounding cast.
  2. How has our DLine rotation look compared to past groups? Do you think they have the potential to eventually be a Peppers-Jenkins-Buckner or at least a CJ-Hardy-Star kind of havoc producing unit? Feels like they are going to wear teams down with relentless depth, speed and young hungry athletes pinning their ears back non-stop for 4 quarters. I’m also excited for Morgan Fox….but I was also psyched for Weatherly last year. Thoughts on Fox?
  3. We got Jake at 28, so let's say Darnold takes a year to get ramped up and hits his stride in 2022 at 24 years old. I wouldn't mind four additional years (younger years vs. older years) of a Delhomme-esque QB with the weapons we have around him.
  4. It's strange to me like there's no QBs coming out in 2022 and beyond. Yes, we passed on Fields but we have a plan to see if a 23-year old #3 overall pick could be the answer. He may or may not be. However, there will be QBs available to draft next year...and the year after that...and yup... the year after that. 2022: Howell Rattler Willis Slovis Riddler That's just pre-season guesses. Lots of other guys out there that could pull a Wilson/Burrow and move into the upper echelon next year.
  5. This is the correct answer, IMO. I do think at some point one of Daley, Brown or Moore takes over at guard later this season. I also hope the team takes a hard look at Moore as a backup C for Paradis. Not sure if he can be a true NFL center, but he did flex at the position at the Sr. Bowl in front of Rhule. Eventually, I could see a Christensen-Daley-Moore-Brown-Moton future OL
  6. Much rather play the Jets week one than week nine or ten.... they have a lot of speed with their rookies and adding a big target like Corey Davis will huge for Wilson. I also don't see Darnold tossing 4 TDs and us running 1 in against a Robert Saleh defense. Prediction: Darnold : 295 yards - 2 TD - 1 INT CMC : 140 total yards - 1 receiving, 1 rushing TD Robby : 7-95-1TD Defense feasts on Wilson and causes 4 turnovers. I see a pick-six or fumble recovery for a TD. Panthers win 31-19.
  8. A faster Kenny Golladay....I'll take it!
  9. Interesting....didn't Hooker visit Miami already? I wonder if one is the first shoe to drop in order for the 'Phins to get the guy I prefer we sign, Malik Hooker. Not against McCain, but he'll be 28 in August and would honestly prefer to save the money and ride Burris for now at FS while bringing Robinson along as the third safety. I think Chinn spends way more time at SS this year which will allow Burris to play better.
  10. Kyle Hamilton screams a Phil Snow player and could rival Chinn as that hybrid rover....his athleticism and build is off the charts. Linderbaum would be an ideal "less sexy" selection, but fills a glaring need once we let Paradis walk. Interested to see if Rhule tries UDFA Moore as a center backup this year and envision him as a potential center long-term. Agreed though.... C, FS, LB are my three biggest needs heading into the draft.
  11. If we are going to add a FA, I prefer Hooker. If we sign nobody else but him, I'll be stoked. I do think Burris is in a good position to thrive next to Chinn, not Boston, with the front 6 or 7 in front of him....and a true alpha CB1 in Horn. Our weakness at CB last year along with weak LB play, and an inconsistent Boston, exposed Burris more, IMO. I wouldn't mind letting Burris and Robinson battle it out for our FS, TBH. Burris is 27 and Robinson just turned 22....lots of untapped potential there. I truly do believe our future SAF duo is Robinson and Chinn.
  12. If we could somehow land Hooker and Leno, I think we are a vastly different team heading into next year. From top to bottom, I don't see a position that we didn't improve....except maybe at guard. Even then, I think two of Elflein, Miller, Erving, Daley, Brown and Moore can start.
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