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  1. Not common but I will admit it happens sometimes.
  2. Old regime vs different Philosophy. If Horn is dominate he'll be a Panther a long time. WTH does Kobe have to do with the NFL? Very few Athletes wear a number from a different sport. Players like MJ and Kobe have no bearing on other sports.
  3. Clearly letting Anderson go and keeping Moore should be the way to go. I also don't think we should underestimate the connection he and Brady already have. Brady already knows his skill set and will be ready to use it day 1.
  4. It's a fine line between working out and coming to camp in shape. Fortunately it hasn't happened to us, yet. If the Denver players don't want OTAs it only hurts them.
  5. Spot on. Our staff did a good job addressing most of our needs on offense and defense during this draft. We're building a nice core of young players that can help Darnold succeed. If he fails, which I don't believe he will, we will be in a position to get a franchise QB. Who knows who is the next college star to step into the argument of franchise QB. I think Howell and Rattler are among the favorites but there will certainly be more. Furthermore, if Watson clears his problems we would be in the same position as we were this year to make a trade for him. With 2020 and 2021 dr
  6. I saw where the pundits think he would be a perfect fit in New Orleans. Welcome to the NFC South the home of greatness in their twilight years.
  7. Not when your name is Marty Hurney. Hurney gets his heart set and refuses to look at the truth. Little will not make this team.
  8. And during that year he has a statically decent season for a 2nd year pro. Entire Body? Hurney f'd up the Bridgewater deal. I'll give you that Tepper should have fired him when he let Rivera. Tepper IMO did everything right with the exception of firing Hurney when he fired Rivera. Rhule w/Hurney 2020 draft was probably our best draft in many years. Rhule and Fitterer 2021 draft may in a couple of years be the key draft that brings us a Lombardi. There isn't one organization that does everything right. Not one. Some are better than others but IMO we have a staff t
  9. Epic Post SCP... I miss your game week rants and your bizarre wit. (Quite funny to tell the truth) You expressed my feelings about Hurney through and through. Great Post.
  10. This has me believing that he will be the steal of the draft. How he slipped with that much Big 10 action is beyond me but We'll take it.
  11. So tell us how you would have handled it. We had a QB that couldn't push the ball down the field but far worse was we had a defense that was horrific starting the season. You remember we were on a pace to set an NFL record for the worst percentage in football on 3rd down. IN NFL HISTORY. Fortunately our defense improved and we missed that amazing honor. You said their stats were similar. That puts Darnold well ahead of Bridgewater since TB had weapons and Darnold had very little. Putting Darnold with this offense will improve his stats greatly. AND HE CAN PUSH THE BALL DOWN T
  12. The one comment I continued to hear before the draft was. "We have to figure out a way to get off the field" I think the nice additions in Free Agency on our front 7 and the belief they were going to live or die with Darnold at the helm made the decision easy. Find a player that can help you get off the field. JC Horn fits that player.
  13. He's probably over on the WFT forum gussing about how wonderful Hurney and staff did and how incredible weak the Panthers did.
  14. What I like about Nixon is he seems to be a very violent tackler. I cannot wait to see him in the rotation.
  15. Notoriously we usually have TB within the first couple of games. If he can battle TB and the Bucs and do well and maybe even win. Can't wait for them to get together and start working.
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