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  1. From what I have heard, Reich has on 3 separate occasions wanted Carr on the Colts team. I think he would make Carr a MVP candidate.
  2. The Colts were riding with Ryan. Sam Ehlinger was already on the roster so draft a QB was not high on their list. Ideally we can trade him for something good in a year or two. You automatically think the rookie QB, if we draft one, is going to win the job. Where is it written that former draft picks can't win a job in his 2nd year.
  3. Depends on Reich don't you think. Corral has as much an upside as any of these QBs in 2023 draft. You don't want to admit that because it defeats your narrative that we HAVE to have a QB in this draft. While I concede that we probably will draft a QB, it's not going to keep Corral from competing for the starting role. Not some Barno competition that you imply.
  4. Dude, you've discounted Corral for the last 3 hours. You don't give him a chance in hell. You think he's garbage and the only reason you said this is because he's still, much to your dismay, is on the roster.
  5. It's quite simple to see his direction. GIVE ME THE 1ST ROUND QB, IDGAF ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. New coaches have to evaluate every player on the roster and determine where he wants to go. No one, not you or myself nor @ncfan, can determine what potential Reich sees on our roster. He may love/hate Corral. One thing for certain is he's going to give the young man every opportunity to show what he can do. Guys like @ncfan are like Chip Kelly. Gut the whole damn team and do it your way. We saw how well that worked out.
  6. OH Really!!!! Corral's dropped for those exact reasons. You're so obvious it is sickening. Just come out and say you don't like the guy for whatever reason. I don't think anyone here has said he's the next best thing. I will say that with all the question marks surrounding the current crop of QBs you could fit Corral somewhere in the middle. You sound like a kid with a toy and once the battery goes dead instead of replacing the battery you buy a whole new toy.
  7. Your arguments sound more like someone who insists we draft a QB because they don't want Corral to be considered than actually listening to people far more knowledgeable about Corral than you. (I'm not talking about Huddler's either) Corral has tools to be successful in the NFL and if Reich can get those traits to translate to the field, we could have a special player. One thing some of us have forgotten about. Corral is a leader. He's like Jake was. Not the most talented guy in the league but has leadership qualities that makes guys try harder to make him better. I would bet money that if the fight started on the field between a DT and an interior lineman. Corral, not advisable. would be right in the middle of it. It's that type of leadership that makes players play hard for their QB. You'll see soon.
  8. I suspect that by the time the draft gets here Levis will be at the top and Richardson, depending on the talking head will be anywhere for 2 to 4 in the QB draft order. It will be interesting to see if some small school QB shows off at the combine and stirs the pot.
  9. Great point. I heard he's probably our #1 OC pick. Getting Richardson with a coach that has already worked with him would be great. It would almost ensure that Richardson would be our pick. I've been up and down on him but so many say that Richardson only needs good coaching. Some says he's Cam 2.0 but maybe this time we actually have someone that can take advantage of his skill set instead of driving him into the ground.
  10. I am not sure but if Carr becomes a free agent than we aren't responsible for any of his current salary. It's not a popular idea because we are tired of retreads but it should be noted that Reich tried on three separate occasions to get Carr to the Colts. I wouldn't be shocked if we signed Carr after he became a free agent.
  11. He played pretty well over the last couple of game and would be much less costly while you develop Corral and the rookie. I know he's not the best option, but he has familiarity with the players and might do well with Reich.
  12. Depending on his take on Darnold, it might be Darnold, Corral and a rookie. I also think it will depend on which rookie, if any, we end up with. Young and Stroud might be #1 starting camp but Levis and Richardson probably will be 2nd or even 3rd their first year. Kind of like what Washington did with Howell.
  13. I'm in agreement here. Just because he did what he was asked to do doesn't mean he can't read a defense. His quick release will be a huge advantage for him. I look forward to seeing him get some valid reps this coming season.
  14. Well I think 2023 is going to be a growing season regardless. I don't think any of these QBs are going to come in and light up the NFL their rookie season. Many have giving me grief because I said Corral would be in the mix. That is all I have ever contended with Corral. I think when we start OTAs and minicamps Corral is going to get a fair shake. Unlike the fiasco @Sgt Schultz noted. I think given equal opportunity Corral could make things interesting come training camp.
  15. Yes, mostly to ensure that the server on this forum didn't meltdown if we passed on a QB at #9. Seriously, I mostly want AR15. I think with Reich as HC he could do more with this guy than any of the others. Levis would probably be my 2nd choice. Just so I don't dance around your question. As a GM and I have a new head coach and he wanted one of these QBs. I'd go get him. Terribly against giving too many assets to get him but if Reich was insistent. I would use a top 10 pick for a QB. On a side note, I wish I could see into Reich's head. I wonder what he thinks about Corral. I know many of you hate him, mostly because he's just a 3rd round pick. But we're talking about a HC that has done wonders with his QBs in the past. Could Reich see a lot of potential in Corral? Corral has some interesting tools and could be a solution that's "Already on the Roster".
  16. And not cost as clearly as much as it would to go after Stroud.
  17. True I would take any of the top 4 QBs in this draft, I just wouldn't sell the farm to get him. Reich could do wonders with any of them. If you give everything up to get him the chances of putting quality players around him diminish quite a bit. We have 4 picks in the top 100. If one fell to us at #9 you have 3 more picks to fill in good young players to grow around him.
  18. With the product this prick put on the field he should pay Carolina money back. Guy is a crook.
  19. This is my take too. If Stroud fell to 9 I would take him in a heartbeat but I would not trade multiple 1st round picks for him. He's not a franchise type QB. He might be someone like Dalton. Hang around for a career but never go past winning a division.
  20. Just for a topic. I am against trading Burns. But for the sake of conversation and argument. If we were to package Burns in a deal to move up to the #1 spot. What do you want in return? No way I trade Burns and #9 just for the #1 spot.
  21. You think Jackson is done due to his injury proneness?
  22. So, who we cutting to get us in a good position during free agency? I saw on Spotrac that 12% of our cap is dead cap. Carolina Panthers 2023 Salary Cap Table | Spotrac
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