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  1. As long as Tepper keeps Veto control over any player no coach is going to want to come here. The HC and GM have to be in total control of the roster. If Tepper is involved, they'll stay away.
  2. I think Young can still be the QB we want him to be and am not implying that we draft a QB in 2024. HOWEVER, the other day I saw a list of QBs for the 2024 draft. Surprisingly, there were a lot of interesting prospects. We know the Williams, Maye, Penix and Nix will be long gone by pick 33. Would you consider taking one of these other QBs with the 1st pick in the 2nd round? Or would you just to prefer to ride Young until the 2025 draft class. 2024 is probably a wash for us anyhow. We'll most likely have a top 5 pick in 2025 which could be used for just about any other position besides QB that we are in need of. Quarterback Rankings 2024 NFL Draft (nfldraftbuzz.com) It's a topic for discussion not necessarily my opinion. One that intrigues me is Deion's boy. Given time he can really make some plays. Sadly, his offensive line is worse than ours.
  3. How about we throw the ball a little further down the field. It's pretty hard to beat anyone when their entire defense is within 10 yards of the scrimmage line. Complete or not. At least the defense has to respect the possibility of a deep pass.
  4. I don't want anyone from the current offensive staff. Evero is playing with a lot of 2nd string players and the defense is hanging in there. Ben Johnson (+500) Jim Harbaugh (+700) Ejiro Evero (+700) Bill Belichick (12/1) Johnson is possibly the best pick of the group. Harbaugh could bring a toughness back to the Carolinas. It would be interesting to see what Belicheat could do with Young. The only issue I have with Evero is that he may have the same culture which is something that needs to change.
  5. Four things IMO must happen. 1. It is going to have to be a big fat paycheck. 2. He'll have to have his own GM. 3. A clause that prevents firing for a minimum of two years possibly three years. 4. Owner has no Veto power over any picks or Free Agents
  6. I haven't seen anyone say he coached a team. I know he comes from a family where his father is a highly respected coach. If you have ever listened to Olsen you'll know he is very intelligent and understands detail. His obvious success would be hitched to his coordinators but as a head coach I have no doubt that he would win the locker room and be successful.
  7. It's not going to happen. PERIOD What needs to happen is MR. Hegde Fund needs to get out of football operations and let the professionals handle it.
  8. Greg is a very intelligent guy. His dad is a coach so he has some basics about the job. He's a former player that can and will get respect from the players. If I were Greg, my deciding factor would be that Tepper stays in the Owner's booth and him and the GM (whoever it may be) have complete control over the roster. I could see him really doing well.
  9. As it should be. How many owners that have their hands in football operations are any good. The Cowgirls made out when they traded H. Walker. They got a bunch of nice picks, and they turned them into a small dynasty but after that the Cowboys have barely a playoff Win. And Jones has a ton to do with it.
  10. Agreed. He needs to let the professionals evaluate and select these players. He can sit in the War Room and keep his big mouth shut. Ask questions later. As long as he's meddling, we are going to continue to suck. Looks like we inherited Detroit/Jacksonville's curse.
  11. While I believe that we need to continue to evaluate the QB position our entire offensive scheme is just terrible. From play calling, to blocking schemes, to WRs that can't get separation and if they do they drop it. Young should take the blame for some of it, but Reich's offense is absolutely terrible. It's hard to tell whether Young would thrive in a real offense or he is just insanely overrated. It would suck if we traded him, and he did well under a good creative offensive mind. I would also add the locker room is gone. It almost feels like no one is fighting for each other. Though we were pretty bad last year at least Wilks had the locker room and the players were giving 100% and actually won a couple of game. I just don't see that type of effort with this team.
  12. We have speed in Chark, We have catch radius in Mingo and TMJ, WE have all the traits a QB could desire on this team but most are missing one quality. Running Routes. Give me a fast WR with great hands and knows how to run and route and get open. I would be 100% on the bus with him before we grab a track star that knows Three routes, Post, Flag and Fly. If you can't run a route without rounding it out or drifting than what good will he be in the NFL if he can fly. We've had our run of those WRs.
  13. When Fitterer was hired the majority of the posters here agreed with the hire. Thought he was the next good GM. Pick after Pick and Free Agent after Free Agent just hasn't panned out too much. Then when we do land one like Riddick instead of doing everything possible to keep him, we let him go. I think it is time to make a change at GM. This coaching staff has years of experience but that's about it. They don't mesh well and the schemes we run don't fit our players. I somewhat agree with the OP but one thing that bothers me is how our offensive line could be a bright spot when we left the 2022-23 season and this season they are just terrible. Coaches need to get back to basics. The majority of our good runs last week were because we didn't run that zone blocking and got back smash mouth football. Which is what our players are more comfortable with. I think Young can be a good QB but we have to build a line that is suited to running the ball and then let Young do his thing. I'd love for us to find a Running Back like Pacheco. Runs hard and is a MF to bring down. Hubbard isn't bad but he's not on that level of Pacheco. You get a RB like him that helps everything. I think many times we overlook route running skills in a WR. Maybe it's because we can teach it. But, maybe it isn't that easy and some players have a hard time grasping it. You would think that on paper our WR Corp would be solid but outside of our only decent free agent pick up they all just are JAG.
  14. Well someone is working out or at least trending to a decent pick. That said, you can't post positive stuff like this. You have to go to the positive thread link and post there.
  15. He has had his moments so I wouldn't put him in the top 10 just yet. So many of you want to put the blame on Young but he has little to no help. The players he has round him are terrible outside of Theilan.
  16. This all depends on who is truly calling the shots. If Tepper is calling the shots it doesn't matter who is the GM it's going to be ugly. If Tepper is hands off. SURE, but I am looking at the former and not the latter.
  17. I was all for keeping him as long as he got a good offensive coordinator.
  18. To me the Key to all our offensive Woos. It's irritating that we are supposed to have all these great offensive minds, yet they can't seem to get out of their own way to go with what suits the players you have. I've said it 100 times. I don't see how the "strength" of our team last year was the offensive line and this year they look like a terrible college line. I watch game after game, college and Pros and see so many innovative things being done yet we're luck if we see one innovative play per game. There is no perfect scheme defensively. Great offensive minds find a way to crack a defense. Where the F are these minds?
  19. We will be in the top 5 maybe top 3 of the second round. With 4 or 5 QBs in the first round we might get a #1 WR in the early portion of the 2nd round. I know the odds are not in our favor and Carolina and 2 round WRs go together like oil and water. However, it's not inconceivable.
  20. Coaching is the problem. It has to be. Moton, Corbett and Bozeman are veterans that have been solid for many years. Icky had a decent rookie campaign. How do we go from a solid O-line to trash in one season. Coaching and Scheme. This B.S. of bringing Young along slowly has only multiplied the problem. We never (rarely) throw deep down the field. Defenses tee off and focus on stopping the running game knowing Young isn't going to throw farther than 5 yards down the field. We're far too predictable. Back to Teddy B. but worse. Whether it's Reich or Brown or both, where to F is the creativeness? We run the same boring plays and never do anything to get the defense guessing. It's been 10 weeks but IMO we need to pull the plug on this "mastermind" coaching staff. Evero seems to be the only one that is hanging in there. Considering we are on defense 65-70% of the game and some key players are out of the line-up. It's abysmal. Staley, IMO, just dropped him a couple of notches as being one of the next HC in this league. His convincing Fitterer to bring Sanders was terrible. I see why Philly didn't fight much to let him walk. Someone mentioned before. We went from hard headed defensive minded head coach in Rivera to No f-ing clue in Rhule to Old School stuck in New School Era. Can Reich and get a Brillant offensive mind in here and see if we can't tie him to Young for many more years. I'm not ready to give up on him when we suck in so many other areas.
  21. I wasn't able to watch the game because of the time difference and the late start but managed to watch some of the highlights. One sack in particular, literally all four Defensive linemen were on top of Young. There isn't one QB in this league, before, now or yet to come, that would have escaped that rush. Our line is atrocious and that's probably being kind. This was supposed to be an "All-Star" coaching staff but similar to creating the ultimate rock band, taking a bunch of great players doesn't necessarily mean it's a great band. ASIA comes to mind. IMO this system does not fit the players that we have. It has to be the system. Our offensive line last year was pretty good and nearly every player is back from last year. Yet we look worse than the 2002 Texans where David Carr was sacked 76 times. Young had a very bad day and those days are going to happen especially for a rookie. Regardless we are stuck with him for a least another season. I seriously doubt one of the 2024 rookie class QBs will fall to pick #33 so 2025 will be our next chance to fix the QB spot if Young is a BUST.
  22. Those numbers are spot on if you are evaluating the entire draft. Rounds 1 through 3 should be spot on players that should still be around. Corral, Marshall, Little and Grier are the only ones in the top 3 rounds that received the RED X. That doesn't say your list is wrong or anything but Rounds 4 through 7 are a crap shoot and projects. Rounds 4 through 7 (19 Picks) we have only two that aren't a RED X. That's horrendous. If we don't start hitting on our later rounds we will be stuck in Mediocrity forever.
  23. Here's my take. We were obviously looking to get a QB in the 2023 draft. We traded CMC for far less than what he was worth. Had we held onto CMC and traded Burns we would have had two first rounders we could have used in the Young trade and maybe save our 2024 first round pick (which now appears to be a top 3 pick) and kept Moore. These two weapons would have given Young something to work with. With Young already in house our top pick in 2024 would have netted us several 1st round picks to the right team. I think to make matters worse is that Burns wants top dollar for a DE that isn't top tier DE money. I love Burns and he makes some good plays. However, he's not caliber of a Bosa. I think we knew last year that Burns was going to be a holdout and not sign an extension when Bosa was up for contract. It would have saved us from the headache. They say hindsight is 2020 but if you are going to gut your offense of your best players for draft picks, why not use some of the defensive talent and reboot the entire team. In the long run I think we traded the wrong player in 2022.
  24. I haven't either. I thought the reason we picked him up was to bolster our WR room but outside of Punt Return he's been a waste of a pick we gave up for him. We could have put anyone back there and saved the draft pick. Though it was a 7th rounder we could have used it on a player that would contribute more. I think what gets me is that he had a pretty decent pre-season, which was why we picked him up in the first place. He can't do any worse than what we've been putting out there so far.
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