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  1. I think we could do without Anderson if Smith could fill that role of speed on the outside.
  2. But with much better hands. Ginn had hands made of stone. Every throw to him was a heart-stopper because you never knew if he was going to catch it or not.
  3. Smith can really cause problems for other teams. He catches everything and his has great speed and quickness.
  4. No, I am not suggesting it. I am suggesting that some teams actually give them an opportunity to start. I think Rhule has a thing about starting rookies unless they are 1st rounders.
  5. Well last preseason he was a stud and had little impact during the season. Maybe this year will be the opposite. Not much impact during preseason and a breakout year during the regular season.
  6. Fair enough, since we aren't going to know one way or the other until we start playing for keeps. Potentially
  7. Campen? I don't think you're giving Snow much credit. He always seems to do better than expected with the talent we have. We have only seen a limited sample of our defense but IMO our defense is going to give us a chance to win games. Our offense seemed to move the ball much, much better under McAdoo. We'll have to wait and see how we start before I call that weak.
  8. You give good reasons why we'll be better this year but most of this comes from the GM not Rhule. If Rhule hadn't been forced to bring in a much better staff I don't know if he's still here. We could agree that Rhule had some hand in bring in some of these coaches and I am sure he was in the process but I believe credit goes to Fitterer. IMO Baker was all Fitterer. What makes me think Rhule is the same as 2020 and 2021. His job is on the line. Of all 32 coaches in the league his seat is probably the hottest. Yet, 3 1/2 weeks before the season he is still dabbling with a QB controversy that 99 our of 100 people know who is going to start. Most teams put the best players on the 1s and make the players behind them show they are better. Rhule doesn't do that. He is putting players like Elflein and Jordan ahead of better talent. To me this is not the sign of a good head coach. Rhule just might save his job in 2022 but it won't be because his "process" is any better than before. It's because he has a great coaching staff who will carry him. This will be like Nagy who was carry by Peyton Manning. When Manning left Nagy reaped the benefits of Manning and got a couple of gigs where he proved the greatness wasn't from him but someone else.
  9. IMO Rhule's process is stuck in NCAA mode. Juniors and Seniors over Freshman ans Sophomores. He cannot get out of his own way when it comes to seeing who's better. The difference between our first two season and this one is he has a far superior coaching staff. His staff has the team looking better. Nothing Rhule has done personally that gives us any indication that he has changed as a HC. This is what worries me. Our team is going to be in win or lose situations and Rhule is probably going to screw it up.
  10. Well you won't have to worry about our beat writers. I think they got lost going to the practice. Seems most of the tweets were by locals.
  11. Tweets from the Patriots side seemed to make is sound as if we were getting stomp in the early part of the practice. The tune changed later though. A couple of decent videos. My favorite was the CMC blocking drill and than one on one which of course he won.
  12. I heard Mays was a pretty nasty player. I would be interested to see if he could handle the position.
  13. I watched part of this game on AFN. Trubisky did not look bad at all. The Steelers QB situation is much better than ours.
  14. From what I heard from the joint practice is that Boseman might not be any better than Elflein. I know it won't happen but shouldn't Rhule and Co. start working with Mays at center. Maybe start him with 2nd team reps and see if he can handle the position. Rhule has this thing about underclassmen, I mean rookies, starting especially if they are a low round pick. We drafted Mays partially because of his versatility to play anywhere on the line. If these two vets aren't the answer than maybe we should give the rookie a shot. Thought?
  15. Higgins Barno S. Smith - He is fast but he has a quickness about him that makes him special (yes there is a difference between fast and quick) I can see has YAC being very large if he is given the chance to play.
  16. And cause a nuclear meltdown in this forum for sure. @Zod will have to invest in a new equipment to keep this place running.
  17. Find your favorite drug because I won't doubt that Rhule will give Darnold more of the Reps than Mayfield and if he gives Mayfield any Reps it will be with the 2nd team O-line to give the illusion that Darnold is outplaying Mayfield.
  18. I don't know about that. DJ is very good at winning contested balls.
  19. It is the sign of the times. Back in the old dsys it was STFU and move on. People had more self-control. Nowadays people seemed entitled because they spend 2 or 3 hundred dollars on a ticket. It is happening more and more in sports. Sucker punching seems to be the vogue thing nowadays. Fans from other cities seemed to be the worst. They come into town, talk smack and fight, especially if they lose.
  20. I think what really chaps my ass is, though we are fans, we still see obvious flaws in their games. It isn't that we dislike them because we just don't want to like them. They cannot be effective starters. Worse than that is we actually have players that aren't just marginally better but leaps and bounds better. Younger, Stronger and more versatile. Outside of having his ego ruined. Rhule can't be this blind, than again he is.
  21. I watched part of that game. Willis was trying to do everything with his legs. The difference between Willis and Corral. Willis is getting valuable Reps with the offense. Corral gets the last 5 minutes of practice because Rhule doesn't have anything else to work on. As previously stated Rhule is treating Corral like he is redshirt freshman instead of the future of the franchise. What is going to bite Rhule in the ass is when Darnold and Mayfield go down with injuries and we are forced to play Corral or someone off the streets. If they do the former Corral will be ruined. Corral will not be able to execute the offense from reading the playbook only. HE HAS TO HAVE MEANINGFUL, VALUABLE REPS in practice.
  22. 10-1 odds Corral has a mysterious season ending injury and ends up on IR.
  23. Wasn't this one of the grips they had about The Golden Calf of Bristol? Also Kapernick? That long wind-up tends to gives DBs an extra step.
  24. @TheSpecialJuan It's only one preseason game but with the performance of these non-starters how do you feel about our depth and what areas still need attention.
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