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  1. You should be severely beaten just for the thought of putting Miracle Whip in Cole Slaw.
  2. This is exactly the reason no one wants him as our QB going forward. If he had won half of those games we would have been in the playoff discussion. OOOOOOO FOR 8. Tells me you have zero killer instinct.
  3. One of my favorite Panthers of all time and one of my most favorite players regardless of team. Watching TD and Luke as the best LB Duo in the NFL was fun. They fed off each other and challenged each other to out do their partner. I think we have to give JR some credit for hanging in there with TD through those 3 ACLs. Most teams would have cut and run but we stood by him and it paid off 10 fold. Congrats TD on a great career and Welcome Home.
  4. I think he is somewhere inbetween these two arguments. He had little help in NE. I also think there has been some decline. But I cannot help but think about baseball pitchers that come back from surgery. It usually takes a full season of playing to recover from the shoulder injuries. This would be the NEXT season. I think if he stays in NE. They will get him some weapons and he'll show he isn't washed up.
  5. i understood the reasoning they released Cam but Bridgewater was not the answer. We would have paid less to keep Cam and would have been able to move on from him had he not performed well. It's hindsight but I never understood the logic of bringing in a player with a history of injury worse than Cam and expecting him to revive the Panthers. If we somehow traded Bridgewater to SF and all our efforts to secure a QB failed. I would sign Cam to a one year deal and focus on a replacement in 2022.
  6. I would have rather stuck with Cam than deal with the Bridgewater issue. I think with the offense we had last year Cam would have done better than Bridgewater. I am certain that given the opportunity to win a game (8 I believe) He would have won a least a half of them.
  7. I recently saw that the Pelicans might be shopping Alonzo Ball. They might be rethinking that after last nights game against the Jazz where he put up some decent numbers. Would it be worth trading for him? Team him up with his brother. They obviously have some amazing chemistry between each other and might make him better than he is with New Orleans. I am not suggesting that we do as I like many of the components the Hornets have and would not like to see us screw it up trading for an unwanted player. I am just asking your opinion. What would you trade for him?
  8. I would love to see Creed Humphrey fall to us in round 2. We could really used a smart athletic center.
  9. What would make you make such an inaccurate statement. He's not Marty Hurney. I am sure he will have the majority of the input. Rhule and Fitterer will have a good working relationship and put a good team on the field.
  10. The Green Bay game we forced them to punt 4 times in a row. Something no other team did against the Packers all season. The defense was by far better the second half than the first. Offensively, teams locked down the short game and forced TB to throw deep which he couldn't do.
  11. It will be interesting to see what Fitterer does in the Free Agent Market.
  12. I know we have to address the offensive line but putting a defense that contain some of these high powered offenses should be a priority. I think we'll address the O-line in free agency and maybe one or two defensive players. If we get Watson and can have a stellar defense we can go back to our rightful spot at the top of the division. Steve Smith, IMO, hits it right on the head about our dream scenario. https://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-total-access-dream-trades-signings-for-nfc-south
  13. Miller showed me that he has the tools to play LB in the NFL. Everyone wants to say he showed flashes and that may be accurate but he played on a terrible defense. You can't expect a rookie to dominate on a horrific defense. I would believe that he will be given the opportunity to shine in this defense. I am excited as I believe he will show much more and will become a key member of our young defense.
  14. He has lots of potential and I think he will fit good in Snow's defense. I look forward to seeing this young player with the rest of our defense.
  15. I don't believe we will trade him and as many have posted his cap hit would be devastating. However, deals are made that may help alleviate those cap problems. Reggie was hurt at the same time CMC was which gave Davis his opportunity. But, I do remember the times Reggie came in for CMC in 2019 he performed well and made plays. He's not CMC and no where am I implying that he is. If it meant giving him up to get Watson you have to have a plan on giving Watson weapons. I don't he'll be traded. I created this post to get the opinions on whether Reggie could be a viable o
  16. It's a conversation. if you don't want to offer some actual input. Don't click. Sorry it offends you that someone other than you brings up a topic of discussion.
  17. Yeah this. Little is on the bubble. Hopefully we have a reasonable offseason training and Little can actually get some real work. If we can get OTAs and minicamps this year Rhule will have his chance to see whether he is salvageable or not. Of course I am pulling for him to succeed but my expectations are he's probably a bust.
  18. I am very much against trading CMC and Houston has indicated they want defensive players but for conversation. What if we ended up trading CMC to get Watson. Do you think Reggie Bonnafan could fill the role of CMC? I know he's not as electric but has shown he can make big plays from the same position. If CMC were put in the package I would have to believe that Fitterer and Rhule might believe that Reggie could be a CMC-light.
  19. I would start with YGM and Shaq but if push comes to shove I would give them Burns or Brown. I don't see any other way for us to get Watson. That said I would not give them more than 3 first and only one defensive player like Brown or Burns. That's basically 4 first rounders.
  20. I don't think he would be part of the deal either. Watson will want to come to a place that has weapons and trading CMC would be counterproductive.
  21. Sadly from what I have seen Houston doesn't want offensive players they want young defensive players. I would love to give them YGM but I believe they are going to want Burns, Brown or Chinn. Watson for 3st, Burns and Bridgewater. They can use Bridgewater to gap whoever they may bring in or draft. I just don't see how it can only be NYJ and us. It seems to me there are or will be others if it gets announced.
  22. I'm all in on bringing Watson here but CMC should not be part of the bargain. It's been said that Houston wants defensive players included in the deal. I think Burns is more of an option (which I don't want to see) than CMC.
  23. As I watch things unfold and it appears half the league is going to jockey into position to get one of the rookie QBs. I think we need to do what is necessary to get Watson. Houston has said they want picks and defensive players. I could see 3 #1s and as much as I hate it we are going to have to part with Brown, Burns or Chinn and one other defensive player. I doubt we give up two of those three. They are basically getting 4 first round picks counting one of these 3 players. Though the price is steep, I think this is our best way out of the crazy QBs frenzy. Tepper want
  24. It depends on if we land a QB. If we don't land a QB than yes 100% re-sign him. If we land Watson and give up CMC than yes we'll need to re-sign him. If we have to go with TB5 he's going to need all we can give him to be productive. OR god forbid we let him walk and have to go in 2021 tanking for 2022 with TB at the helm.
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