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  1. I don't think it makes sense for the Panthers to change it up until they have some winning seasons. New uniforms usually come with a new era. Panthers are still in a trash era that we should want to forget.
  2. Just checking in to say I watched that whole game. Loved watching the Bruins blow it then the Canes with an incredible comeback, I pooped my pants twice during the game but I don’t regret it at all
  3. Watched him a lot at Texas the past two seasons. He made salad out of sh*t a lot of times. I don’t think he’s a match for a weak arm QB like Bryce but put him on the Chiefs and it’s over. Dude will be in the pro bowl every year if he stays healthy.
  4. Worthy is going to be a very good NFL WR if he can stay healthy. If he goes to the right offense he will be a multi time pro bowler
  5. Panthers need a RB worse than we realize. Sanders sucks and Hubbard is a complementary back. Brooks is going to be a good NFL RB. Texas has been churning out some good RBs lately.
  6. Cam is 100% spot on about Bryce needing to step up and tell the coaches and management what he needs to be successful. Game on the line, who do you want to throw to? Bryce does need to answer those questions and figure it out with his coordinators. I don’t agree with his comments about Tepper cleaning house. I guess he was eluding to the fact that Tepper fired Rivera, which I think many of us agreed with at the time. Rivera wasn’t going to have the kind of success he had with Cam and Luke without them. I didn’t agree with firing Rivera the season especially in a season where you had lost your starting QB to injury and made lemonade out of lemons being as competitive as they were. But saying that they lost Kalil, TD, Luke, KK, Charles Johnson, etc because of that is a bit unfair. Those players were all at the ends of their careers age wise.
  7. If Penix is still on the board at 33 I honestly think the Panthers should draft him. He either motivates Bryce to step it up and Penix can be traded to recoup the value, or Penix takes the job. The Panthers need another potential long term QB option than Young after last years disaster.
  8. The fact that Mingo is already being considered a bust is such a disappointment. They draft a 2nd round WR last year, they're drafting one again, this team is such a f*cking nightmare to be a fan of.
  9. Same sh*t different year. https://www.panthers.com/news/ejiro-evero-has-seen-great-improvement-in-early-offseason-program
  10. I was thinking the same thing. You have to spend big in free agency because you draft like sh*t. This is a bad thing.
  11. He would have done well with Cam pre shoulder injury. With Bryce he’s just not going to get the ball deep enough for him
  12. "Big men allow you to compete" - David Alan Gettleman
  13. Highly highly debatable that the people that actually work in football front offices are smarter than the average fan. The NFL is a genuine certified bonafide electrified six car good ol boy network.
  14. Hurney is a legend at drafting 1st rounders. Honestly one of the best all-time. He hit on a few later round picks over his long tenure and signed some big time free agents who paid off big, but his biggest downfall was overpaying to re-sign veterans which lead to a lack of quality depth on most of the teams he built. But overall, Hurney was responsible for drafting, trading for, or signing the overwhelming majority of Panthers legends. It’s funny because Mr. Scot would literally keel over and die before he admits Hurney was a better GM than Scott Fitterer though. I swear to god he has some personal vendetta against him, maybe just too much emotional investment in the team.
  15. Real question that we will obviously have to wait a few more years to answer. But have the Panthers actually “hit” on a player since the Hurney days? Horn I guess is good but very injury prone. Outside of him, Brady Christensen I guess? Otherwise it’s mediocrity to downright sh*t.
  16. Texans know they got a winner in CJ Stroud and are spending big to maximize his rookie contract. Smart football decisions. Meanwhile the Panthers are still the biggest retard organization in pro sports. Thanks David Tepper for all the great memories you've given us.
  17. Probably better because it’s hard to go lower than only winning 2 out of 17 games, but I suppose they could win 0
  18. If he’s the best player on the board so be it. I hope the Panthers don’t just pick a WR because they need one.
  19. Lab mix is probably good with kids. Been thinking about getting a chocolate lab in a few years. Our 14 year old Aussie actually passed away today, really hard losing a long time member of your family for sure
  20. Footwork and timing are great things to work on but it’s not going to matter if he struggles to throw the ball deep or see over his lineman to scan the field.
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