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  1. Andrew Norwell coming back, if he's healthy YES PLEASE
  2. I don't think it's Teddy himself, but I do believe someone from Teddy's entourage or maybe his agent are trolling the internet trying to recover his value. When you go 4-11 as a starter and don't have a single game winning drive in an entire season, aside from your value as an NFL player you might need to recover some confidence too. Fanbase absolutely shredded Bridgewater this season.
  3. cap went down, lot of guys making a lot of money who didn't do much last year. fun times!
  4. 1 day contract guaranteed. One of the best Panthers of all time.
  5. Awesome signing if the Panthers can make it happen. I’d be cool with Jonnu Smith or Jared Cook too. Either way an upgrade at TE could improve QB play, no matter who is behind center
  6. change out britt reid with a different person and how would this have gone
  7. lol yea those double pane windows are pretty clutch in the summer when it's 100+ for two months straight
  8. The Saints should honestly go get Mac Jones. One of the few teams with enough talent and weapons around the QB position for him to succeed. If Jones goes to a team that wants him to win games on his own, he will be an epic bust.
  9. If the Panthers trade for Watson at the current prices being discussed I have to assume the current ownership and management of the team has serious brain damage.
  10. If the Patriots decide to actually add some talent to that offense, Cam will look a LOT better. No one has done more with less in his career than Cam Newton.
  11. Had me rolling on the floor, great skit. Kenan is hilarious
  12. I hope Brees does come back, he’s super washed and sucks
  13. I’m firmly on team Trey Lance. I think the Panthers can get him at 8. And they don’t have to give up any more resources to get him.
  14. Very true. I peeked at Charlotte’s real estate market and seriously thought about moving based on how much house I could get for what my Austin house is worth.
  15. you should look at Austin's real estate market, Charlotte pales in comparison
  16. I miss the This Is Gross podcast
  17. no it's not, case and point Tahir Whitehead
  18. There's needs, and then there's upgrades. CB still has 4-5 rostered players so that's a position that needs some upgrading. O-Line and LB are literally paper thin and might not even be able to fill out a gameday roster, and are thus bigger needs.
  19. LB is a huge area of need. Maybe the 2nd biggest on the team behind O-Line. CB is the 3rd biggest need. I'm not sure Shaq is as good as gone but maybe his contract gets restructured. Way too many other holes on the roster to let go of a decent LB in my opinion. But we'll see I guess. I think KJ Wright from the Seahawks is a veteran target we could see being signed. Panthers will need to draft LB talent and Parsons could be a target as well.
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