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  1. Polishing a turd. Putting lipstick on a pig. Re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
  2. Honestly I didn't get the vibe that Tampa really cared if they won or lost that game. They made a great comeback at the end as Tom Brady tends to do. But the overall demeanor of the team the whole game seemed like they were indifferent.
  3. It's the potential of the unknown. Pickett made a big jump just like Joe Burrow. We don't know if Pickett can play in the NFL yet. We certainly do know that Darnold cannot.
  4. Darnold is one of the worst starting QBs in NFL history. Pickett will not be that bad I guarantee it.
  5. Andy Dalton WAS better than Sam Darnold earlier in his career but at this point they both suck balls
  6. He’s better than Sam Darnold
  7. Who cares what that fart knocker thinks but I do agree
  8. Well the current leadership gutted the 2022 draft picks. Wouldn’t surprise me if they started trading next years in a desperate attempt to save their jobs. I guess we should be happy they’re going all in? Worked in 2021 right???
  9. Not a fan of giving up any assets next year since there is likely to be a new coaching staff. Trading those picks should be marked as off limits by ownership.
  10. A trade down 10 spots should net at least a 2nd round pick and maybe another later pick as well. We'll see how free agency goes but there's a few spots on this roster in desperate need of rookie talent. OL and LB being tops of the list right now.
  11. If the Panthers trade down and get him in the mid teens and scoop a couple later round picks, I’m game. Pickett and Corral are both Garropolo/Cousins quality QBs. Not worth a top 10 pick. But if the value is there they are worth it.
  12. He’s talking about Martz for sure. Olsen hasn’t thrown and public shade at Rhule and co, yet. Some other former Panthers players have.
  13. I think Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett end up being serviceable Jimmy G or Kirk Cousins type QBs so why bother trading any capital for guys like that. If they can trade down to the mid teens and grab one of those guys while scooping a 2nd and or 3rd rounder it’s def worth it. Otherwise they need to sign a vet FA QB even if it’s Cam just so Darnold isn’t the ONLY option yet again.
  14. Their cap situation is probably one of the main reasons for this Sean Payton retirement rumor. They have to take some lean years and get back under the cap eventually. It made sense when they were trying to compete for a Super Bowl with Brees in the twilight of his career but the saints would probably be best served going into rebuild mode at this point.
  15. It's my understanding the Saints got in pretty big financial trouble using this voidable years kick-the-can-down-the-road strategy.
  16. Drafting some late round C with Elflein the starter is a fine plan. I really think they need to plan on trading down from 6 to pick up mid round picks they’ll desperately need
  17. Felt this way for years. At least in the playoffs.
  18. Panthers coaching staff is bush league and would struggle to compete even with Watson.
  19. Hell yea! Tell him the Panthers fans want him back! Haha
  20. Andrew Norwell is still a very good guard and is a free agent this off-season. New OC Ben McAdoo knows him from his season in Jacksonville. Norwell would be a plug and play starter at LG.
  21. Rams should go for 2 if they score just to make it 28-3
  22. Aaron Rodgers would retire before he played for a garbage team like the Panthers
  23. I think the Rams upset the Bucs and I’d like to see the Bills win but I think Mahomes has a huge game
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