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  1. Don’t feed the trolls
  2. Lol what a franchise. No one wanted to coach them it seems. What is wrong with Charlotte sports teams these days?
  3. Mayfield would have a much better chance at success in Seattle. He'd be chewed up and spit out on the Panthers and this amateur coaching staff.
  4. Might not even play at all might get traded to LA for Westbrook who will play 2 v 5 with Melo against the other teams
  5. Lol wow the hornets are f*cking stupid. Basketball isn’t that hard to build a winner just gotta draft a bunch of players and eventually you find good ones. Can’t win by trading away picks
  6. No way. Texas fans are super disappointed right now.
  7. Not expecting much from him. Seems like it’ll end up being another Chris Simms situation. Honestly surprised he chose Texas. Until I realized Texas has some of the deepest pockets in college football and college athletes can get paid now
  8. Richardson did a fraction of the sh*t Snyder has done. Tepper might have some really grimey blackmail on some NFL people.
  9. I hope Ron stays out of this mess. He’s not a good football coach but he’s a good human being and I was surprised he went to work for Washington. Probably saw all those dollar signs and couldn’t say no.
  10. What’s funny is if/when the team has a winning season he might literally show everyone his weener, if he can find it under his gut.
  11. My heart goes out to these families dealing with the death of a young person. It's not just in football, there seems to be a lot of younger people dropping dead these days. I've known too many people who have died from drug overdoses or suicides in the last year. A prominent Austin musician unexpectedly died a couple months ago. No cause given, my guess is drug overdose. Fentanyl is a big cause. It's EVERYWHERE.
  12. Nah he's spent. Might give the Titans 2 more good seasons before he stinks 100%
  13. So how prepared are you as a Panthers fan for another miserable 5 win season? I’d say I’m a pretty jaded fan these days, maybe more than the casual fan. I haven’t been positive about this team since Matt Rhule was hired, I’ll admit that. I’m 100% expecting another terrible season and totally prepared. I have no intentions of going to a game and I already have plans on a few Sundays this fall, something I would never do in the past. I’d prioritize watching the Panthers. To me, unless Matt Corral surprises everyone and turns out to be a viable starting QB, the offense is going no where. The defense is still going to have issues stopping the run. It just seems like a year where the wheels completely come off and the season ends much like 2019 did with a team that doesn’t even field a team that wants to be there by the end of the season. But that’s just me. I think this time next year we’re all talking about a highly drafted rookie QB and a new coaching staff and I’ll be a lot less negative (hopefully)
  14. Another 5-12 season is incoming and Matt Rhule will be gone. There should be enough pieces and a high enough 1st round pick to rebuild next season.
  15. She was just blowing in the wind with her takes during the Watson situation
  16. wouldn't wish that on any fanbase except for maybe the patriots and falcons
  17. Unless Darnold is shipped out as well there's no reason to bring in Mayfield.
  18. When nothing good has been happening you assume nothing good will ever happen
  19. If they trade Mayfield for Darnold straight up and get the browns to take on some of the salary and money from the trade that’s the only way I’m on board with this. Having all 3 of the QBs on the roster is a bad idea because Corral needs a real shot to see the field.
  20. Maybe Corral looks like Will Grier in practice who knows. Bottom line is I’m just done with this team giving up assets for bad QBs.
  21. Henderson was an awful trade. Gilmore was a great trade.
  22. I'm sure they will. The team will win their first game and Tepper goes full Superbowl mode. Team will proceed to go 3-14
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