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  1. Since when is Tom Brady a seasoned TV announcer. They bumped the guy with actual experienced for the guy they paid way too much money for
  2. It would be difficult to do much worse than David Tepper has but I guess it’s possible. Navarro has a background in sports in general including football (his dad was a college football coach). Tepper’s dad was an accountant.
  3. Runner up potential Panthers owner Ben Navarro’s daughter is apparently a pro tennis player and she is a contender at Wimbledon this year. https://people.com/all-about-emma-navarro-parents-kelly-and-ben-navarro-8674624 The guy raised a pro athlete maybe he would have done a better job with the Panthers WHO KNOWS
  4. Yea the prices and interest rates on vehicles right now are pretty crazy although the prices have gone down a little. We ended up buying a 2021 Odyssey EX-L with 44k miles over the weekend. 36k OTD. They put new tires on the van and it was fully inspected and serviced. It is a certified used Honda with 1 year remaining bumper to bumper warranty and 4 years powertrain warranty. I ended up buying a 4 yr dealer extended bumper to bumper warranty for an extra $2,400 which included 8 oil changes and tire rotations with no time cap. I'm not one to usually buy extended warranties but with the oil changes and tire rotations included I thought it was a pretty good deal, if literally anything breaks we're fully covered until 2029.
  5. Someone said the truth about Bryce and got canned
  6. Went to a Kia dealer this afternoon with the intention of test driving a used 2020 Sienna they supposedly had, but it was already sold. So we peeked at the Carnivals while we were there, but I thought they were even uglier in person. I don't see the SUV in disguise, I saw an uglier bulkier looking minivan. Interiors are nice though, it felt more like the Odyssey interior. The minivan stock is really low right now, not trying to buy new but we might have to just to have some options.
  7. I am high on Arch for sure and I know it’s very very early but his limited garbage time snaps last season left a lot of room for development. It’ll be interesting to see how he performs in fall 2025. We may have a more realistic chance to get Quinn Ewers in the 2025 draft.
  8. Jones showed 10x what Bryce showed in their respective rookie seasons.
  9. The Highlander we drove had captains chairs. But the odyssey is sweet because it has a removable middle piece of the second row and you can make them captains chairs or have a bench. And the chairs slide. It is a nice feature
  10. 3rd row in the minivan is a breeze! Minivans are sweet from everything I've seen in my test drive, they just lack the cool factor of an SUV. The low clearance is an issue every once in awhile too but not enough to make me not want to buy one.
  11. Yea we kinda relinquished to being minivan people for the next 5-7 years or so until kids are old enough not to need carseats and boosters anymore. Sliding doors are awesome, so much easier to stick a kid in. I liked the Odyssey a lot. The Sienna is just a stupid price at this point too, although it's a nice minivan as well.
  12. Been an SUV person my whole driving life. But with kiddos I'm pretty close to getting a minivan for the sliding doors and extra space/comfort. The features you get with the minivans are way higher than the SUVs for similar prices from what I can see. I've test driven the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander. I read that the Kia Carnival is supposed to be nice but I #1 can't bring myself to consider a Kia and I think they're butt ugly. If you ended up with a specific SUV or minivan, why and what do you like about it?
  13. Go look at Greg Olsen's instagram if you want to see some former Panthers players who were in attendance. So sad to see how far this team has fallen.
  14. For as hyped as he was and as big of a name as he is, Clowneys stats are not that great.
  15. She probably rakes in plenty of money herself. Influencer is a lucrative income stream. Almost made me vomit writing that.
  16. If Bryce makes a step forward I can see 7-10. If Bryce is who he was last season, this team won’t win a game with him under center
  17. I’m just curious what kind of person he really is. I saw some posts from people on the /r/nfl thread on Reddit about the panthers stadium proposal debacle and some claimed they had met him in person and he was, in fact, kind of a douche. But I’d like to hear if anyone here has actually met him? Maybe it’s not as bad as we think?
  18. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2024/6/17/24180045/carolina-panthers-stadium-funding-relocation-david-tepper For everyone’s reading pleasure (or displeasure)
  19. You have a few months to figure it out I’m sure you guys will be fine
  20. And that is why Darnold is exactly what you want in a backup. Enough talent to step in and win a few games in a pinch and not too cocky to implode a locker room. He will probably be a backup as long as he's physically able to play in the NFL.
  21. Wilks had the team playing harder and better than anyone else under Tepper’s ownership. Calling him a “.500 level coach” when he had 12 games inheriting a 1-4 team is very unfair. I won’t even go into his time in Arizona. Wilks was the type of coach that could build up the team again. And retaining Darnold as a backup would have been a fine idea. Not sure he wanted that but he’s about as good a backup as you can get because he has enough talent to step in and win some games. He can also make throws that Bryce will never be able to make. His problem was bad decision making. Young is physically limited. Can’t fix one of those things.
  22. Darnold to his credit also made a handful of throws every game that made you go “why can’t you just do that all the time?”
  23. Is right now the worst time in the history of Charlotte pro sports? The Hornets (formerly Bobcats) have been a dumpster fire since rejoining the NBA 20 years ago. The Panthers were a respectable but frustrating team before David Tepper bought the team, but now they are easily the worst team in the NFL. Charlotte only has 2 sports teams so it's unfair to compare to every other city in the country with a Big 4 pro sports team, because when you have all 4 of even 3, you tend to have one franchise that ends up being successful. If we're taking into account the Hurricanes and ranking NC's pro sports teams as a whole, the Hurricanes make everything look better in NC pro sports. But just taking into account cities with an NFL and NBA team, and excluding their respective NHL and MLB teams, in the last 5 years, Charlotte easily takes the crown for the worst city for pro sports. The only other city coming close is Detroit since the Pistons have been awful, but the Lions were in the NFC Championship last year and should probably have made it to the Superbowl if it weren't for some questionable coaching decisions. Indianapolis could be mentioned because the Colts and Pacers have had a somewhat rough go the last 5 years, but both the Colts and Pacers have had more recent success than either the Panthers or Hornets. Sadly enough I think the Panthers have a better shot at success than the Hornets since the NBA is structured more towards star player driven success and the NFL is a team driven sport where there is more parity year to year. But I'm fairly confident this level of misery will continue for some time.
  24. This team has been at the beginning of a rebuild for the last 6 years
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