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  1. His scheme is great. His play calling is sometimes good, sometimes questionable. Darnold has had some wide open receivers he hasn’t looked at. Either because of unfamiliarity with the offense or pressure or other reasons. But then Brady has called mind numbing runs up the middle with a weak offense line. Makes me miss the Cam play action bootlegs to a wide open Olsen on 4th downs.
  2. Accidentally hit enter before I wrote the rest of the post. Oh well. Not much to say about a shitty opinion from a talking head desperate to stay relevant.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/panthers-christian-mccaffrey-less-coverage-white-stephen-a-smith Have at it. Steven A desperate to stay relevant.
  4. Thursday night matchups are largely pure stinking garbage anyway. Next week is battle for the litterbox between the nobody Jaguars and the who cares Bengals.
  5. He put on weight, just like TD did early in his career, and it has made a big difference. The entire defense just looks bigger and faster than last season.
  6. Panthers left anywhere from 3 to 14 points on the board depending on how you look at it. 4th and 1 stop could have kicked a FG there. To the fact they could have scored 2 TDs on the two red zone trips that netted a grand total of 3 points.
  7. I'm cautious with this update. A "few weeks" can turn into a month, can turn into him coming back too early like last year. If this team is in contention in November, hold him out as long as possible for a playoff push.
  8. Short week and turf has injured many players. Someone should do a study on the increased injuries of a short week. Depends. Could be a hairline fracture that heals up in a month. But the way Horn was grimacing and needing help off the field, I have a feeling it’s a more extensive injury.
  9. Loved Darnold stepping up in the 2nd half. I think he will improve as the season goes along and if the O-Line can be more consistent in pass protection. Hated the short yardage playcalling. O-Line can't get any push when they only need a yard. Even on the Darnold QB sneaks, the line barely got forward at all. It's clear this O-Line can't push anyone around in the run game. Going to need to shift to some play action in critical short yardage situations.
  10. It was all Panthers all day yesterday. The game is over and they've moved onto the games this weekend. No big deal.
  11. He was playing like an average 5 year mid round veteran who had maxed out his potential, as a early year rookie. He’s a physical freak with potential to be the best corner in the NFL. Sucks all the way around losing him.
  12. Losing Horn is a way bigger blow than CMC. I think everyone on the Panthers, staff and players alike, knew McCaffrey wouldn’t play in all the games this season. Even the fans knew it. They were smart and drafted Hubbard and claimed Freeman. So there’s decent depth there. And without CMC, Darnold is forced to read the field more. He can’t key in on CMC for easy first downs. Just like when Benjamin went down and Cam had an MVP season. I think Darnold might actually benefit from time without CMC. Losing Horn just flat out sucks. The defense is definitely worse without him. He was on the fast track to being the best shutdown corner in the league. Foot injuries can linger on for years. I just hope it’s minor, he gets time to heal up 100% and he can get back to his promising career.
  13. Smitty ain’t wrong. Bouye gonna have to step in and be the #1 corner. They’ll probably switch him and D-Jax around in coverage per the matchups.
  14. Panthers still went over the Vegas line so it didn’t work. I think they were just sh*tty refs plain and simple.
  15. Blast them on social media too. We need to get clips of all the bad and missed calls and not let up on the gas.
  16. https://www.wikihow.com/Contact-the-NFL Contact the NFL via phone, email, or snail mail. All of which would be a good method. Note the egregious penalties that were missed (PI against Moore on the opening drive), the ridiculous amount of offsides penalties which seemed like an agenda for them. Calling a false start on Daley when it was obvious he was drawn offside by the Texans defender. The ridiculous PI call on Donte Jackson when the ball was obviously uncatchable. I’m sure I’m missing much more. That crew should NEVER officiate another NFL game. Atrocious calls all night. Should be fired today.
  17. Thank god they drafted him and got Freeman with CMC going down. We will be lucky if CMC plays half the games this season
  18. Brady calls like 75% good plays. Darnold had guys wide open down the seams in the middle of the field early in the game and just didn’t look their way. They showed Dan Arnold and Robby Anderson streaming down the middle and Darnold just didn’t even look at them. Brady is scheming guys open. Darnold just needs time to see those plays
  19. 3-0 with a young QB with room to grow feels good. Losing 2 of the best players on the team to injury makes me want to vomit.
  20. I actually think Horn is a bigger loss than McCaffrey. I feel like the team knew CMC wasn’t gonna last the whole season and that’s why they went out and claimed Freeman. Horn though, he was ready to step up and be one of the best CBs in the game. Hopefully he can heal up fast and come back this season but man foot injuries can linger on for years. Just as Olsen or Cam.
  21. The 2nd half the offense stepped up without CMC. Darnold made some nice plays and Hubbard and Freeman kept the running game moving. The offensive line is still an issue but at least there were no more injuries.
  22. I don’t know. A broken foot torpedo’ed the end of Olsen’s career. Hopefully Horn being young can heal up before next season.
  23. About equally bad. Broken foot ended Olsen’s career
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