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  1. I agree, it is simple minded. Some people aren’t able to simplify (so they mock it. You maybe?) won’t settle for simple, allow their emotions to complicate things, etc. I will admit, it is wearing my simple mind out just thinking about it. I am too thick, incapable of rational flexibility, and just too old too, probably, to understand how beneficial and illuminating some of these more sophisticated evaluation tools really are, and what they offer the person willing to be on the cutting edge. They are truly modernizing the NFL. Analysis is finally catching up to our technological capabilities. Like now, we can track things like how many franchise quarterbacks grew up with two parents in the home, and we have this great tool the S2, that absolutely lessens the need to depend on our eyeballs. I think those people trying to perfect the pre draft analysis process can finally rest easy on that one. They have earned recognition. But I digress. Eyeballs are completely unnecessary for this evaluation. Edit: strike that. They are. Did I ever get a reply from any of the big Bryce Young promotors about the little hop skip step thing he does running up to launch his deep ball? No I don’t think I have. It took my eyeballs literally a few reps of watching his pro day deep balls to see it. But no one acknowledges or explains it to me. They don’t try. It must be really complicated. I am sure they must think I couldn’t understand it.
  2. I agree with you. Not that I think or thought he belonged there. I do agree that some team would have taken him high. Think that would happen again? I don’t.
  3. I think we agree somewhere in all this poorly expressed opinion fest. To be clear, there will be no backstabbers in My Kingdom, if I ever get one.
  4. So you are saying I would be a shitty leader if I did that? Maybe but I just won't have that sort of stuff going on. It is cancerous. I like to think I would be able to screen that stuff out in the hiring process. edit: and I’d have fired a scout that said Bryce Young should be the target to go after with all of my assets.
  5. I was on board from the announcement that there would be a Carolina NFL team. Long time now. We’ve had some drafts where I wasn’t sold on the player, including Cam. I wouldn’t have been sold on Stroud fwiw, but I knew he should have been the pick. Last minute after that S2 stuff I said if he is really that stupid then take Richardson. Anybody but Young was my thing and I was freaking serious Except for one player. I Never posted pleas and prayers that they not take any of the draft picks until Young. And they took him. fug them, fug any other fools that look right at it and can’t see. If he ever plays a full or most of a full season as starting quarterback on a team that makes the playoffs, even in this poo division, I’ll show myself out.
  6. We are no better now, than an expansion team. Sure, why not?
  7. Random reactions. Tepper should have immediately fired the first coach that tattletail texted. You don’t want people like that in your organization. IMO. I don’t or couldn’t understand what Reich was doing with the offense but it looked to me like a protest. A passive aggressive fug you, you try to win with 3rd round QB talent after you traded away my best WR and RB… none of it made any sense until Dalton shined that light and was quickly hidden. It is hopeless to try and win in the NFL with that type of player at your most important position. I would not want to have that job. Tepper hired a coach but won’t listen to him. Get what you deserve. Some of our fans deserve this poo too but most don’t, they are simply powerless. We I should say. Especially with how easy it is to fool Tepper. In golf, you get a handicap to allow you to compete with guys that physically outclass you. White tees. You get a couple of strokes per side. Need to figure out how that works in football.
  8. I’ll absolutely chew it if the situation dictates. What about you? I’d start looking at recipes if I were a Bryce Young. Now tell me what he has to do to justify his selection and cost? What is the bar for success? It needs to be very high.
  9. So, what about that little run up on the throws he needs a little more on? The hop thing he has to do, and make time for, to throw anything over ten or fifteen yards Please watch his pro day and tell me you do not see that. Anybody. Just once, explain that away as if it doesn’t exist.
  10. Move to go up was not any kind of good idea.
  11. I wouldn’t want that known if I were Hurney. Tepper obviously was out back smoking when Hurney covered The Draft: Successful 1st Round Strategy
  12. Tepper will be woke You just hit on something that I have been… amused isn’t the right word… but amused by. Tepper spent a year learning the business and a Year learning the football side. Now he *knows* how it works. 1 year.
  13. I thought the coaches had to put in two seasons to bring back a draft pick. ? And yep there is an advantage to hiring a minority IF they are equal or better than the competition from the field. Then you get the best candidate plus some maybe lottery type chances. I’d always want to hire the better qualified or more talented person if there is a difference in ability regardless of Rooney or whatever. Personally.
  14. College coach is what it will be, I would look and see what O’brien is doing because Tepper will want to recreate Alabama’s offense. All you guys posting that college tape to show Bryce off, and argue for him… I am starting to thing you are Dave and Nicole. edit: I am not saying O’Brien will be HC, just hyping for fun. It is gonna be something you could see coming if you have been following.
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