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  1. Yeah, no one had a good answer for him all the way through the playoffs. He was The difference in the games I watched.
  2. Rhule. Tepper 1.0. If this desperation move to get a QB doesn’t work, it gets worse from here not better.
  3. All this is why you shouldn’t spend future number ones on a current number one. But people are stupid.
  4. It’s okay, they are gonna go with Golf Rules to be fair to everyone, Handicap system. Young will get a few strokes.
  5. Seems like people for Young are being more aggressive with the justifications. Napoleon complex maybe? Don’t know how many more times people can say no thank you nicely How about this: how many Young advocates are 6’3” or thereabouts and how many are under 6’? I have a presumed outcome here.
  6. He'll probably heed his wife this time, and this time she won't be right. If you are untrained, 50% is good. That is the 'Panthers way' right there.
  7. I'm pretty much there, I did not want to get 1st choice, a good value gamble at original 9 suited me just fine.
  8. I more vote against a particular candidate. Voting for Stroud. Lesser of the two potential evils.
  9. Not really. The owner wants a college QB and will pay whatever it takes to make it happen. He'd have paid hell firing Wilks though, if Piniero made the gimme. Makes me wonder if Tepper paid him a little extra to help him out with that. Now Piniero decides it wasn't enough, talks with Tepper and here we are. Ha I am just kidding. Thought it isn't hard to imagine.
  10. Thank you. We are on the same side, glad we are good. Lol I own a F150, but it's just a truck not a political statement. I just needed a truck to take my boat a half mile down the way to the local landing.
  11. Made? I don't mind your posts about football, not one bit. No problem. I agree with parts of them. No one should be made to do a damned thing.
  12. Reality will not beat this. edit: Meant, can't win against it. Super euphoric mood heightens anticipation, expectations. Football porn. Enjoy it now.
  13. I can make a guess as to what's bloated... err, I meant inflated. Right.
  14. I am hoping he does well. Especially when they play other NFCS teams.
  15. I don’t even know, I don’t watch a ton of college. I do watch SEC more than the rest but that isn’t enough watching to make me know much. I am a pretty typical fan. I know bad footwork leads to errant throws, but I could not assess the footwork of a QB and judge anything off of what I see. I am untrained for that job. I can see when a guy loafs, or takes a bad angle, or looks lost. But it’s all general observation stuff that people who pay attention will see. I And I can see 5’10” eye to eye. He is going to have to be really, exceptionally great to excel at the NFL level.
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