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  1. Looking at replays of the games there was more than once that the receivers were up each other’s butts, like in a phone booth if anyone remembers them. And they are not supposed to be. So my question, when I saw complaints about play design was really, how can you know it is bad play design when they are not running the play as designed. Seems obvious they wouldn’t design a play with two receivers butt cheek to butt cheek I can indict the staff for other things though, also being impartial. Like lying to us. I don’t want to hear any three or four year plan now after telling us this was the most pro ready player. After claiming you are hiding the ‘new offense’ all through preseason, you trot this crap out for your debut. Genius, asshole style, keeping everyone in the dark. Maybe there is no new offense yet because they can’t run it. Is that it?
  2. I love a defensive battle. Goal line stands. Hitting. Dislodge the ball from the carrier or receiver, brutality no extra charge. Murderous intent practically. That is great football. It is gone lost to history and grainy film. I love a 1-0 baseball game too. Where points or runs are not cheap. Every pitch, or every play, has potential to change the outcome when the margins are tight. Love it.
  3. Everyone says be patient. I get that. Rookie. Here is the thing though, without even getting into the letdown from what look to be exaggerations about his processing and readiness, this is plenty to be concerned with: Going back to camp the reports were that he wasn't having good days when the pads were on and that was with no one allowed to hit him. It wasn’t real football, and still he was performing below expectations is a way I would put it. When has looked good? In shorts with no contact 7 on 7. When else? One or two throws in preseason, a touchdown, some throws here and there and some throws that were all pretty much close to the LOS. I remember a couple of off arm angle very decent throws, that I would need to see duplicated before believing that is for real repeatable. But they were good. Let’s graciously skip his crap ball security and size related liabilities for now, I don’t think we need to argue that right now. I get that he wants badly to get back out there and prove himself. Anyone that played like he has would. And he was big time shown up by Dalton I don’t care what people say to the contrary. And again, I believe he can win some games, but mainly thinking that because it makes sense that he should be able to have some level of success, but I do not have real serious conviction there. Bigger picture wise I swear the only thing that makes partial sense to me is Reich doesn’t believe we can run the plays that we are not seeing called, because what we are seeing is nothing like what I expected to see after the preseason intrigue or fake intrigue maybe. Twilight Zone weird stuff going on . I thought the fact that not having tape on us would allow us an advantage early. What a sap I am.
  4. Well, that was optimistic as promised. As far as the can an owner…. Really? Pretty clear examples of it in the past. Irsay the most recent. JR wasn’t trying to stop us but he did, a couple of times. Granted, if Tepper makes it too hard for people to support the team then they shouldn’t. I definitely struggle with that. If Tepper would put a winner out there I would at minimum tolerate him and who knows but he hasn’t shown he understands how to do that.
  5. Yeah there have been a few low points. 1900-1194 was pretty low with no team. 2001 was rough, 2010 was rough. We are a losing franchise a lot of years have had troubles that were very difficult, I was mostly going by roster and W-L. And hope level. None of it saw 6 years pass and still stuck in the mud and this time with your future mortgaged for what so far looks like average, best case and being nice.
  6. Reich making his imprint... Making a great first depression.
  7. 2026-2030 firsts for whoever Tepper chooses to make it work for the last one he liked. edit: if David Tepper really had nothing to do with the Young trade and pick plan, it is time to go ahead and let him do the picking. He should fire Fitterer and make himself GM.
  8. Yeah, he doesn’t look hurt and as anyone who watched the game could see, Dalton is night and day better, it isn’t close. Young managed to make Dalton look really good. Then you look over at CJ Stroud’s performance and realize that every game Young starts he looks worse and SO much worse by comparison, they need to hide that from people and hope they can figure something out to help the youngster. 0-3 these vets are gonna get really upset if they don’t put the best players on the field. So I don’t know how this works out.
  9. I think Tepper wanted everything that has been done, done. So who does he fire for that? Gives people cover. I think some scout or strength coach gets fired no one big they are all hand picked.
  10. Well, I invite people to watch CJ Stroud at work. I just did. If you do that, and come back blaming our failure on everything but the QB play, You to go to ignore. But if you actually do watch the game, you won’t come back talking like that. Unless you are a complete idiot. Bryce might be able to distribute the ball to some players and with a defense win some games doing it, at some point in the future, but he will never be that. edit: if you put that Houston QB I watched on this team, we are in a different, much better place.
  11. That was the move, and still could have been with Dalton. I wanted anything but that trade up. Anything.
  12. The thing I least understand is what was he protecting in preseason? I expected a newly designed fun offense with a ton of motion, a point guard in the center of it distributing the ball. That’s pretty much what we were promised. I have not seen anything that is remotely interesting. I do think the qb is giving up on plays, panicking I think. Jet out of that pocket, throw it ob or get tackled. So maybe that is hiding this great offense they have designed but I really think it is all a bunch of emperor’s new clothes and there is no new design of anything.
  13. You don't cut him in this situation (there is no one better or as good, it would hurt the team probably) if he is trying and being a good teammate. If he is being a bad teammate, has an attitude, you cut the hell out of him even if you have to make Dalton play his position.
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